What Are The Top 5 Choices Of First Birthday Highchair Decorations Lets Find Out

first birthday highchair decorations

Birthday parties undoubtedly hold a beautiful position in everyone’s life. And talking about first birthdays, well, it is definitely something special to the kid and the parents. Therefore designing something elegant but interesting is what you are looking for, isn’t it? Well, here are some definitive choices of

Decoration Idea #1:

A group of pink flowers

The balloon is one of the integral parts of birthday parties. But we can see a lot of variety in quality and shades in choices of balloons available in the market. And since this is the birthday party of your baby’s first year, then it is something very important and close to your heart. Have you thought of making an archway just behind the highchair with balloons?

Well, several teenage parties already came up with this idea. It is perfect for baby girls’ special day. You can try out the same with pink, rose, violet, and yellow color balloons. Keep it monotone to give an elegant accent to the decor.

Decoration Idea #2

A close up of a flower

Mickey Mouse has been one of the important parts of our childhood days. Well, then it is pretty obvious that your kid is also growing up watching this famous character. Have you thought about giving a Mickey Mouse theme to your

Well, if not then, start with giving the back of the chair a look like Mickey’s head. Try designing the upper tray with black, white, and red tones. Buy a Mickey cap for the birthday baby. You can also add some more details to make it look fun and interesting.

Decoration Idea #3

Just like the Mickey Idea, I believe Elmo is ruling your home hours too. Elmo, from Sesame Street, is one of the interesting characters which every kid loves. So, you can bring a smile to your baby’s face, by decorating the highchair on Elmo. You can take inspiration from the highchair decoration from Etsy. Well, this choice of highchair decoration is one of the best for those kids who love Elmo.

Decoration Idea #4

Pink is one of those colors that make anyone look sweet. So, when we a talking about babies here and if it’s a girl, then styling the dress matching up with the highchair is definitely going to make the entire room look great.

Decoration Idea #5

Going monochromatic might look blunt, but it has a special touch of class in the decoration idea. You can attach some details to the upper tray and add balloon to the hand rest and that’s it. Keeping simple also works fine sometimes.


Well, these are the top choices of

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