Virtual Birthday Party Games For Your Kids Birthday Event

virtual birthday party games

The benefits of throwing a virtual birthday party are numerous, and virtual birthday party games add a festive flair to any gathering. When throwing a virtual birthday party game ideas are key. It is not the same as running a real-life version. But just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it can be easy or boring! Virtual parties come with their unique benefits and bring their pleasures.

An Overview

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A virtual birthday party game idea that keeps everyone on their toes and in the seat of their pants is to play a “Whoppers” game. Everyone sits in a circle, each person holding a piece of paper or a card. The first person to guess what number comes next is the lucky winner. To create excitement you can have everyone jump right into the game!

Best Ideas

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Another fun virtual birthday party game idea is a scavenger hunt, this one requires that you take turns pulling out pictures from the ice. The first group to find five pictures will win and move on. However, make sure you keep track of where you took the picture so that you can give it to someone who didn’t miss anything!

The first of the two groups in these two virtual birthday party game ideas is that you’ll need two sets of people. For one set, designate one person as the “in-person” group, and make sure everyone understands that person needs to stay in the circle. This person acts as the investigator. Have them search around the room, going from room to room. The “virtual” group is at home while the “in-person” group searches.

Playing Process

One of the two groups in this fun virtual birthday party game idea is to divide the group into two groups and have them perform a task or activity that relates to each other. For instance, you could divide them into teams and have one team perform a scavenger hunt while the other performs an oral exam. Or divide them into groups and have one team perform a puzzle while another makes a guess. You could even divide them into pairs and have each team compete against each other for an item. The idea is to have them do tasks or answer questions that relate to each other, and that will be the focus of their answers.

Guessing Games

One of the two groups in these two ideas is to tell the guests to come up with a guess as to what is in the box. However, to make this even more fun, you can encourage the guests to share a secret tip or secret information that they have about the contents of the box. However, the tip or secret information that they share has to be something they would talk about with their peers. This is another great idea that you can use to help make this kid’s birthday party games idea fun and entertaining. When the goal is to make this party a real mystery, you want the idea to go with the flow of the event. However, you also want the information you are revealing to be something the guests will be able to figure out on their own.

Virtual Treasure Hunt

One of the two groups in this virtual treasure hunt and game idea is for each of the birthday guests to write down something they think is in the box. They have a certain amount of time to present their theory, but they have to do it within the time frame given to them. The twist with this is that they have to not only guess right or incorrectly, they also have to remember to write down the theory if they guess wrong. If they forget the theory, they lose the chance to win the prize. Also, this virtual game and activity are really easy, so there is no risk involved whatsoever.


Two of the guests are given a list of items. They are given 60 seconds to find the item in the box and bring it to the designated place on the list. The twist with this game is that they have limited time to solve the puzzle and get to the front before the timer runs out. The object is still to find the item and present it to the group. Again, this is a great family-friendly activity that is sure to be loved by all of your guests.

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