Using Girl Birthday Party Decorations to Decorate Your Party

girl birthday party decorations

Girl birthday party decorations used to be very limited, consisting of bows and flowers. In the recent past though, motifs like Fairytale, Barbie or Bob The Builder have become increasingly popular, giving birth to entirely new types of party decorations. Nowadays you can get anything from a Fairy princess party theme with party supplies and furniture to a Star Wars theme complete with a party tent and even a backdrop complete with Star Wars figures. With such a wide range of party themes available it is not surprising that many girls’ birthday parties nowadays are more expensive than their adult counterparts. However, it does make sense to be careful about how much spending you do on your party supplies and the food in order to keep your costs down.

The best place to start is by thinking about the kind of birthday party you want to have. If it is a girls’ party then you will probably want to stick with a fairy tale theme as these tend to be one of the most popular themes for children. Looking for birthday party supplies that feature these themes, such as party hats, napkins, cups and plates, cake toppers and decorations can be a great way to find something unique and different to the other party supplies available at your local store. You may also try to find something from an older theme such as the Victorian era which is still a popular theme today. Another idea is to look for a Disney character theme, which is still very popular for birthday party supplies.

Girl Birthday Party Decorations

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One thing that tends to go hand in hand with these kinds of themes is colour. Most party supply stores will stock plates, cups, tablecloths and napkins in almost any colour you can imagine. It helps if you think about what colour scheme you want to create when you start browsing the different supplies. For example, do you want to create a cheery theme where everyone wears light colours like blue and green? Or do you want the party to feel more mysterious with dark shades like black and navy? Once you know exactly what kind of mood you want the event to evoke you’ll be able to easily pick out the right decorations.

Sometimes there is a need for more than just flowers when you are looking for party supplies that match your theme. If you are having a pirate theme, then you’ll probably want to have some marmalade or candy themed decorations. There are also plenty of balloons in various shapes and colours that would make great additions to any room. If you decide on candles as decorations for the occasion, make sure they are in the same shade as the walls and ceiling of the party room.

A Much Ado

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When it comes to girl birthday party decorations, the sky is really the limit. Some people like to incorporate multi-coloured balloons into their decorations. Others may like to use stars and moons as their theme. Still, others like to focus on streamers and corduroys. No matter which theme you choose, chances are there will be plenty of supplies that will fit into the budget you have in mind.

When shopping for party supplies to go with your chosen theme, make sure you take the time to consider what will go best with the room you have decided to host the event in. In order to get an accurate comparison, you will need to make sure you take a look at the space available and how much space you will need. For example, if you have a fairly large space, then it may be more practical to purchase party supplies in bulk. This will save you money since most party supply retailers offer sales when you buy in bulk.

Another great idea for girl birthday party decorations is to create the appearance of a theme park or zoo. Buy a couple of heavy-duty inflatable creatures and line them up along the walkway leading to the party area. You can also line them up on the stairs leading up to the entrance of the party venue. If you are having a girl’s party indoors, then using a lighted ceiling or wall in the background would add a nice touch.

Bottom Line

The last thing you want to do for girl birthday party decorations is to find a way to incorporate the theme into the food you plan to serve. A lot of little girls love princess parties, so it may be a good idea to serve cupcakes decorated with crowns and/or castles. Also, it is always fun to serve finger foods and pies that feature elements from a particular theme. For instance, you could put a fairy princess icing kit next to cupcakes featuring characters from Beauty and the Beast. By doing this, your guests will already be primed to respond to the “theme” when it comes to the food they will be eating at your party.

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