Unicorn Birthday Decorations For Your Little Ones

Unicorn Birthday Decorations

Interested in throwing a themed birthday bash for children? All you can think about is how to make your kids and their friends feel special. Be it boys or girls; Unicorn is one such favorite character for most of them. Looking to set up a Unicorn themed party? Find out about some pretty unicorn birthday decoration ideas you can surprise your little ones with.

If you are good with the origami stuff, then DIY is the best choice. Surprisingly, you can get these items online or at your nearest party store because Unicorn decoration items are all-time in demand. These are some ideas that you can opt for.

Ideas You Can Use For Unicorn Birthday Decorations

A close up of a girl

Unicorn Invitation Cards

A vase of flowers on a table

You can buy them if available in nearby or online stores or print them or make it by yourself. Seeing these colorful cards would make the little invitees feel like they entered a dreamland.

One-Horned Caps/ Headbands

The little fans know the power of that single horn on top of their favorite mystical creature. Buy these to get them excited about the party. It is the most popularly used Unicorn Birthday Decorations item.

Unicorn Shaped Balloons Or A Standing Balloon Arch

A birthday party for kids without balloons is not a party at all. Balloons in Unicorn’s shape are available in different colors and sizes online or at any toy store. Moreover, making a balloon arch with a different set of balloons will make the kids feel welcome to the Unicorn land.

Special Unicorn Tiara

Making the birthday baby feel special is the most important aim of that precious day. So, let your child have a “crowning moment” with beautiful glittery tiaras or golden crowns.

Wall Decoration With Flowers And Fairies

Give your themed party a more fun look by brightening your walls with artificial flowers and paper fans. You can use foam sheets to make flowers and fairies look real, and for paper-fans, use crepe papers.

Unicorn Shaped Photo Collage

You can also create a photo frame with ice-cream sticks in the horse’s body outline or any shape you like. Try putting it on your wall or your center table. You can collect your baby’s nostalgic and fun photos and rejoice forever.

Table Decorations

It is completely optional, but if you are interested, you can do it with innovative ideas. You can popular unicorn pastels or shades and make fancy birthday table cloth.

Cups, Plates, And Cake

Cups and paper plates with Unicorn faces are also one fancy idea and are easily available in stores. Customized cake, cupcakes are all in fashion nowadays. Food items with Unicorn will make the kids live the party they had always dreamt of.


The theme parties are all about fun and enjoyment. When you see your kid having a great time, you feel all of it was worth it. With all the ideas of Unicorn birthday decorations, your kid would have a blast with their friends.

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