Top Three Teenage Birthday Games For Fun

teenage birthday games

When your child turns thirteen, the celebration of her birthday can no longer be avoided and teenage birthday games are as inevitable as the date itself. However, as much fun as the celebration of the event is, it can also be a source of frustration for parents and to a certain extent, teenagers. Why not make things easier for them? Why not have a fun-filled day with a series of teenage birthday games that will provide them with a fun-filled night.

There are two types of teenage birthday games that you can choose from to spice up this special day. You can either opt for a dress up game or a colouring game. Both of these are sure to bring a smile to your little ones’ faces. Dress up games include; creating a character and submitting it to the game; they can also be asked to recreate a wishbone by filling it in blanks or filling a shape with different colours. If the little ones get confused about how to fill the shapes, you can always help them by giving a tip on how to complete a shape or a question.

Colouring games

A woman holding a birthday cake

These are a hit among pre-teens and they can be used to celebrate your child turning a teen. The fun part is in the creativity and the child gets to express his or her creativeness through colours. The more colourful the image is, the better it looks. There are a wide variety of games that use different techniques and some involve interaction between players. Colouring contests are a fun way to allow your kids to show off their artwork and talents. They can use the submission form on the invitation card of the party to encourage guests to come and try to create the best looking piece. This is one of the great teenage birthday games.

Guessing Game

A game that can also be played at the birthday is a guessing game based on a cartoon theme. You can either prepare the birthday cake yourself, or you can ask your child to come along and take part in the game. You can prepare several versions of the game and your kid will have loads of fun trying to guess what’s inside the cake. This is one of the great teenage birthday games.

Preparing Mini Cake Contest

For the main event, you can create a mini birthday party game using the mini birthday cake as the playing field. You can either set the table with the regular birthday cake and punch or you can buy mini cakes in your local bakery. Give each guest 3 rounds of the guessing game and have them create the best ending to each round. You can give points for a drawing or creation and you can award points based on the personal favourite of each player. Once everyone has earned a prize, it’s time to decorate the cake. This is one of the great teenage birthday games.

Bottom Lines

Most teenage birthday games need to be age-appropriate and they should also be age-appropriate for the participants. It’s important not to include games that are too childish or too adult. Make sure the games are appropriate for the age of the participants. This will keep everyone involved and the party lively. Also, make sure the games and activities you plan for the birthday are time-sensitive. That way everyone can take part.

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