Top Ten Games for Birthday Parties

indoor birthday party games

Are you looking for some indoor birthday party games? Birthday parties are fun no matter what the occasion. And when you’re planning your kid’s next birthday party, there’s a lot to keep track of – from cake to decorations, party food to party games. There are endless possibilities. How can you find something that everyone will enjoy and remember? Here are a few indoor birthday party games you might want to try:

Indoor Birthday Party Games

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Virtual Birthday Parties With the advent of Facebook and MySpace, many kids have started hosting virtual birthday parties. This allows them to get together with their closest friends and family at someone else’s house. A great idea for kids of all ages! Great for older kids who might have a little trouble planning an actual birthday party.

Two thumbs up for the classic game of “pin the tail on the donkey”! It’s a unique indoor game that both kids and adults (even the youngest) will enjoy. In “pin the tail,” everyone needs to get a sock filled with shoes and rub the bottom of the child’s shoe with a sock. The first person to do this wins.

Dollar Store Favorites

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Every kid’s dollar store has a few dollar store items that they carry. Look in the toy section for items like plastic key chains and rubber bands. One of the best indoor birthday party games ever! If you don’t have these items in the toy section, be sure to visit the dollar store later and find them.

Get Creative With Other In-Ground Games

Older kids and adults will love to get creative with their indoor birthday party games. For example, most kids love to hide items in large pots and then put the pots in the air. You can take a large pot and place it on the floor. After the pot is in the air, tie a ribbon around it and let children dive for it. When they get stuck, dangle from a rope over their head, and they must find the item without falling through the hole. Older kids might enjoy using a large stuffed animal or maybe a teddy bear to hide things in.

Another great indoor game for the adults is to figure out whose head is being hidden. This is actually a very traditional party game, and typically only one person is required to play. Usually, the person who figures out whose head is being hidden wins.

Pin the Tail On The Donkey

It is also a very fun indoor party game that works well for both kids and adults. Again, most kids will be participating, but again, if more than one person wants to play, it can be played by all the people in the room. In this indoor game, the kids will need to hold hands and figure out who has the tail. When everyone is playing, someone will need to designate a time that everyone can start. Then each person chooses a tail, and once everyone has counted to ten, the person with the most tails wins.

Time for Round Two. The classic game of Freeze Dance is also included in this list. One person will need to stand in front of each kid with a flag in one hand and a stick in the other hand. The game’s idea is for each kid to tap the stick to the head of the last person that he or she hits. The first person that hits the stick gets to keep the first person’s flag until the next round.

The fun party game that I am going to introduce now is called “Glow Wars.” You have to be sitting in a circle that is no larger than five or six people. You mustn’t have more than three people playing, as this can cause problems with some of the more sophisticated glow wars.

For these birthday parties, have fun making a glowing team. Two teams of at least four kids should be designated to work on the project. You will need plastic straws in different colors. You will want to get at least two people to be on each team. The kids will go around to each of their friends and hand them a straw. When the straw is time for blowing up, they will all try to blow them up by holding them over their teams’ heads until the plastic straws start to glow.

Bottom Line

Then you will want to divide the circle into groups of two and have the kids line up at the same spot. One person will light the light and keep it lit until another person comes in and takes over. This person has to keep the light lit until someone finishes blowing up his or her own light. It is important that the circle stay lined up so that it is easier to see who is lighting the other person’s light. This indoor party game is sure to be great for the kids.

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