Top 3 Virtual Birthday Party Games With Your Friends And Family Members

virtual birthday party games

As the 2020 year has almost ended and 2021 is knocking on our doors, you might have been active on the Zoom application for around 6-8 hours for video calls, meetings, and even birthday parties. Yes, this is something very unique that birthday parties were celebrated through video calling applications.

As a result, virtual birthday games also became popular, and many people worldwide appreciated such games. It means you can have some virtual gossips with your gang and start playing your favorite games like PUBG, trivia games, and so on.

What do you think about playing games at virtual birthday party celebrations? Today, in this article, we’ll mention some amazing virtual birthday games that you should try on your loved ones’ birthdays.

20 Questions


Do you want to know more about your friends and family members? With these 20 questions games, you can spend quality time with your loved ones and even understand them more better. This game is very classic and simple, but very interesting. You can expose the secrets of your family members without even scratching your head.

How will you play this game? Every group member can prepare a set of 20 questions for the desired group members. You can make these questions on your own or grab the list from the internet. No matter how much you know about your loved ones, there is something hidden and should be revealed.

In our opinion, incorporate 20 Questions with other games and make your birthday celebrations more interesting.


A vase sitting on a table

Bingo is not a new game; even 90s kids have enjoyed playing Bingo in their childhood. Whether you belong from today’s generation or 90s generation, Bingo can now be played virtually. It is one of the best games where everyone engages with each other and spend some quality moments.

There are multiples websites available where you can play Bingo with the other members. To make your gaming sessions, you can put some small prizes like gift cards or a platter of fast food. Overall, Bingo is the best game to play at virtual birthday parties.


Scattergories is one of the oldest yet underrated game which is suitable for players of all ages. People who are addicted to PUBG and similar multiplayer games will avoid playing Scattergories. This is a creative thinking game where every question is overwhelming, and you have to think smartly.

For launching this game, you can use a free game generator and start sending links to your members. There will be one standard letter and five different categories like ‘’school books’’ ‘’fashion stores’’ and ‘’best books’’ etc. The players have 1 minute to find suitable words for every category and match the common letter.

Final Wrap-Up

There are many other virtual birthday party games like Pictionary, Name Place Animal Thing, and Trivia that you can also consider. Our birthday party games list will ensure your next virtual birthday party celebration will be full of fun and enjoyment. We hope you’ll play these games at the earliest and share your feedback with us.

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