Toddlers Birthday Games – Ideas For the Best Fun

Toddlers Birthday Games

Toddlers Birthday games are very important in helping your little one to develop their skills and socialization. Playing them will give your child a sense of independence while increasing his or her self-esteem. It is also a good way to teach them how to be more responsible for themselves as they grow older.

Toddler games help teach your child how to read, count backwards and find the right items to put away. Many children find it easy to keep a list of what they need to do for their birthday, but learning how to write a simple list with the help of toys can help them learn about counting.

Fun Activities For Toddlers

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Other fun activities include a treasure hunt where your child finds a variety of items that they must get to before their birthday. These can be as simple as a small hat, an object that your child likes, or a piece of paper. When your child finds their item, the game ends and you receive a prize for finding it. If you have other children, they can help out with treasure hunting.

Another type of toddler birthday game is a pretend painting contest. While you are painting a picture of your child on the wall or using crayons to create your own masterpiece, your child is trying to paint the picture in the most accurate way possible.

You may also want to play a game where your child’s head gets blown up. While this is not actually dangerous, they may become quite annoyed if you are blowing their head up for no reason at all.

Give Them Some Prizes

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Another good way to get children to participate in a game is by using prizes. If you offer a new toy or treat for each child that completes a round, they are more likely to participate.

If you are unable to provide toys for your child’s age, consider getting a coloring book or drawing set for them. This can help encourage your child to take part in the games. Another idea is to have them color their own coloring pages to show their own creativity.

There are many game ideas that you can use to make your toddler more involved in the festivities. You just need to be creative with what you decide to use.

Coloring Is Another Great Way

One of the simplest of toddler’s birthday games involves coloring pictures with crayons and crayon markers. You simply ask your child to start drawing and as they complete the picture, they have to put it away. When they do this, they have to put the picture back in their scrapbook.

Another game you can have your child participate in involves musical chairs. Again, they are asked to draw on their picture with different colored markers and once they complete their drawing, they have to sit and wait for someone else to draw. Then they have to sit and wait again.

A game called ‘hide the treasure’ is very similar to this. The goal is to hide all of the items on a sheet of paper. When your child hides their item, the next person has to draw it into their piece of paper and so do they.


There are many other activities you can try out that your child will enjoy. A great idea is to let them see a couple of toys and let them take part in the activities.

Games help keep them active and in touch with the world around them. Even toddlers love to talk to their parents and this can help you get to know them better.

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