Toddler Birthday Party Snacks

toddler birthday party snacks

Most people think of a toddler birthday party in New York City or some other city with a multitude of restaurants and hotels. However, you can plan even a simple get together at your home for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal. Most parents pack a lunch and take their children with them to a restaurant of their choice. Even if the restaurant offers free menu planning, this is often not enough to complete all of your menu planning. The food must be ordered and brought upon arrival. If the toddler birthday party is planned at home, it is easy to prepare all of the necessary food ahead of time, and then eliminate the restaurant meal charge.

Ideas Easy To Execute

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There are some really good toddler birthday party snacks ideas, that do not require much effort, planning, or expense. Everyone loves popcorn, and there are lots of fun varieties available. You could have bags of popcorn laid out or let the kids make their own. Some popcorn is already flavored and ready to pop, such as caramel popcorn, which is flavored with cinnamon to give it a sweet aroma and a rich flavor.

Another favorite of many children is a toffee. You can buy toffee mix from any grocery store, or even better, make your own. Put some coffee into a sauce pan and bring it out to the party. Give children chocolate buttons for an alternative to birthday chocolate, and serve fruit or bagged fruit. Fruit kabobs with nuts sprinkled on top are also a hit.

Theme Parties

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If the toddler birthday party is going to be a themed one, then you can give everyone party favors with a toddler theme. Some good ideas include items shaped like their favorite cartoon characters, animals, shapes, etc. These will go over well because these are topics that toddlers love to talk about. You can also get them to make a letter to Santa or another Christmas story from their story book.

You can find many different kinds of party favors at your local craft store. They carry small plastic jars that you can paint with whatever colors you choose. Cut the eyes out of a red hat, or cut out a snowman. Paint the face of a little bear, or snowman, and use colors that correspond with your decorations. Put these little bears or snowmen in the jars and take pictures to take home with the children.

If the toddler birthday party is not centered around a holiday or special occasion, then you can just give out candy. Buy some miniature chocolate bars with little frosting stars on them. Cut them in different shapes like hearts or stars, and put these candy bars in little bags labeled with a particular character. You can even put the names of the characters and the dates on the bags to make it even more fun for the little guests to remember the event.


These are just a few ideas for party snacks for toddlers. You can also plan games where children have to name all of the different people from different stories they have seen over the years. Have a photo contest for the best picture. Put on a movie night with the family in the living room watching a favorite movie while serving up snacks. The options are almost endless.

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