Tips For A Healthy Snacks For Birthday Party In School

healthy snacks for birthday party at school

If you are thinking of inviting your child to the party, one of the first things that come into your mind is what to offer as snacks. There are so many unhealthy foods in your home that it is difficult to give your child healthy snacks for the birthday.

In order to stop your child from becoming overweight, you should start taking responsibility for his diet. It is not possible for any parent to always feed their kids well. Sometimes they tend to eat too much junk food, which makes them gain weight. This is why you should consider planning healthy snacks for your kid.

Most Children Love Candies

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Most children love candies. They have a hard time controlling themselves when they see those tempting sweet snacks all around them. Parents should take the initiative and make sure that their child is never left without his favorite candy. While buying healthy snacks for him, you should buy those that contain less or no sugar. If you want to give your child a healthy snack, then you can also choose those that are made of whole grain.

Among the healthy snacks for kids, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is one of the best options. This healthy snack will provide your child with a wholesome meal as well as a healthy dose of protein. Another healthy snack is the low-fat yogurt. Kids love eating yogurt because they can have lots of different flavors. Since there are no fats in the yogurt, your child will be able to control the amount of fats that he/she eats.

The Healthy Snacks For Kids Is Fruit

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Another of the healthy snacks for kids is fruit. Your child can enjoy the fruity flavors of apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes. There are several school lunches where you can serve fruit. One of the most popular choices of fruits served in school lunchrooms are apple slices. You should note that while you are making snacks for your child at school, you should not add nuts to the mix because most of these nuts contain harmful fats.

Snacks for kids are not the only healthy snacks that you can prepare for them at school. There are also healthy snacks for adults. For example, if you are attending a party that features a game of craps, you can make your own. All you need to do is to substitute chips for cheese. There are several craps snack recipes that you can find on the internet.

Pretzels, Waffles, Cookies, Crackers, And Yogurt

Some of the healthy snacks for kids include pretzels, waffles, cookies, crackers, and yogurt. As much as possible, you should serve your child only the healthy snacks that are made with low fat ingredients. If you want to add some spice to your children’s snacks, you can also choose from hot or spicy snack items. However, you should refrain from adding nuts and other high fat foods into their meals just so you can save yourself the trouble of cooking.

You should remember that eating right before a birthday party is important if you want your child to have a good weight before the big day. Always remember that your child’s health is priceless and you should be very careful about it. So you should consider having your kid’s birthday party at school to ensure that your child will have the best birthday ever.

Low In Fat, Low Calorie, And Low Sodium

Before you host a healthy snack for kids at school, you should determine first the type of snack that you will serve. You should choose a healthy snack that is low in fat, low calorie, and low sodium. Then you should ask your child which kind of snacks he likes best. If you don’t know his favorite snack, you can make your own. For example, you can make nut cookies for him.

You should also make sure that your child will not feel tired after eating a certain snack. This is why you should plan ahead and work with your child’s teacher to determine the type of snacks that will be served during school functions. You should also take into consideration the availability of the buses and the cafeteria that your child will use during the day. This way you won’t waste time in getting all the supplies that you need.


Remember that if your child gets his/her food from home, you must serve of lean meat, chicken, fish, egg, and vegetable. You can also serve dessert instead of cake. You can purchase cake mix and cupcakes if you don’t want to make your own. You should not forget fruits as well as milk products. These are all the important elements of a healthy birthday party for kids.

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