Thrift Store And Home Spa Party Ideas For The Perfect Girls Birthday Party

girls birthday party ideas


Various Activities

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You can take a smaller group to the movie, to the zoo, or to the local shopping mall for some ice-cream. Take the girls shopping, take the girls to the ice cream parlor, and give each of them a small prize card to purchase what they want then to the food court for more free treats. Make sure that the ice cream is from a restaurant that the girls love. This will add to the

Plan a trip to the park and let the girls play on the slide, climb a tree, and even do some parasailing. Plan a trip to the shore and go boating or just spend some time at the beach. Plan a trip to the amusement park and let the kids ride on roller coasters and even get a chance to take some

Princess Party Ideas

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Other great girls birthday party ideas include theme parties. There are many theme parties that you can plan for the party. A theme party allows you to have the guests dress in a specific outfit. You could theme the party to match the child’s favorite sport, cartoon character, or movie theme. There are even girls birthday party themes that allow the girls to go trick or treating. The possibilities are endless.

Slumber Parties

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Final Words

Another great idea for girls birthday party decorations is to have a girls night in with a home spa party. This can be done on a Friday or Saturday evening and will be a girls get together to do some manicures, pedicures, and to use the spa services. Some inexpensive decorations you can find at your local thrift store are soap dishes, clear plastic cups, and bowls, and clear plastic containers with lids for table decorations. You can also get foam blocks to put on the walls, and sponge dipped cotton buds for the tables. These decorations will not only be inexpensive but they will liven up your girls party, and allow you to spend more time having fun at home than at the party.

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