The best gift for a best friends birthday


1-Personalized Mug Best Friend Birthday Gift!

A dog looking at the camera

Make a personalized mug for this special day. After compiling all photos which you want to use, compile them in Photoshop or any other photo editing software and make your own custom-made mug by adding any text above the images (or below, if you decide to flip them).

Once you’re done with it, upload your mug design onto a photo printing site. You can do so by adding more than one photo to the design area of the website. After uploading all of your chosen pictures, choose which type of mug you want – ceramic, plastic, etc. – and what size mug do you want. Choose the number of mugs you want to be printed, submit your order and wait for it to come in the mail!

2- Photo Basket

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A photo basket is another great idea that can be used as a birthday present. All you have to do is gather all the pictures and put them in a basket. You can either use a white or natural-colored one, depending on your preference.

3- Photo Book

Create a photo book of all the memories you’ve shared together as friends. Compile photos from when you first met up until now (if possible) into one book then give this to your best friend as a present. This book will serve as a great reminder of the good times you had together.

4- Personalized Calendar

Make an appointment calendar for your best friend with both of your names on it. You can do so by uploading all the images which you have chosen onto a site that specializes in printing calendars. Personalize the calendar by adding text, quotes, and other designs to it until you’re satisfied with the result.

5- Bohemian Style Beach Towel

If your friend is a fan of beach parties and all things summery and bohemian, then this product will definitely be one to consider for their birthday present. Find out what artist designs they love, whether it’s M.C. Escher or Hokusai, and find any bohemian beach towel that matches their style preference.

6- Customized Wall Decal

Give your best friend a customized wall decal of one of their favorite quotes/songs – this can be anything from a One Direction song to Song of Solomon – and add their name below it. This artwork will be an excellent reminder of the friendship you both share.

7- Customized Poster

Print any quotes or posters that they love on a poster and add your best friend’s name in one corner, with both your names in another corner.

A great idea is to find a picture of you both when you were kids and add it to the poster. Place this in their room for an instant blast from the past!

8- Customized Candles

Turn any of your friend’s favorite scents into candles. This will be a very thoughtful present, especially if they are usually difficult to buy.

9- Customized Drawings by Hand

Do some drawings yourself of any special moments that you’ve shared together. This will be a great memento, especially if they are into art or comics. Get inspiration from one of their favorite comic books and recreate the scene in your own style – this is bound to bring a smile to their face!

10- A Nice Quote Book

Collect a bunch of their favorite quotes and compile them all into one book. Put your best friend’s name on the cover if you want to make it extra special. If you have any specific memories or moments that remind you of them, write these down in the margins so they know exactly what pages to turn to!

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