Take Advantage Of Telephone Pictionary – Read These Tips

Telephone Pictionary

Telephone pictionary, also known as Chinese whispers, is a relatively obscure children’s pastime that has quickly become extremely popular all over the world. In fact, the game is so popular that the Chinese government has even been forced to introduce laws against its use due to the serious issues it has caused in their country.

Although telephone pictionary originated in China, it has been played all over the world since then. In fact, many people who are not Chinese actually play the game with the Chinese version of the game rather than the Western version. This is because the Chinese version of the game can only be played via a telephone, whereas the Western version can be played through a telephone, even if it is a landline phone.

Current, Antiquated
Current, Antiquated

Different Versions Of Telephone Pictionary

There are a number of different versions of the telephone Pictionary but the most popular and well-known version is still the game where the players create a circle using their fingers in a way that makes it look like a telephone does. When starting out, you should try and make your circle as large as possible, preferably as large as possible.

The first thing you need to do in telephone pictionary is to put the ball into the centre of the circle you have created by placing the two ends of the circle together in a triangle shape. Once you have placed the ball in the centre, you must push it into the middle of the circle by moving one end of your circle into the middle of the ball and pushing it back out again. The other end of the circle should then be in a horizontal position, while the middle of the circle should be pointing towards the opposite end of the ball. Make sure that your circle fits inside of your ball perfectly.

To Start Playing

Circle Should Not Be Moving

To begin playing telephone pictionary, you should make sure that your circle is not moving or jolting around at all, so that your opponent cannot call out the words before they have been heard. You should also try and keep the ball in one place, as in some cases, if you move the ball, it could disrupt the flow of the game.

Focus On Letters

Once the ball has been placed into the centre, you should then start looking at the letters that appear on the lines and try and work out the different words. The first letter that appears on the circle should be said, and followed by the word that is underneath.

You should then repeat the process for the next letter and so forth until you have used all the letters on your line or circle. After you have spoken to each letter, the person next to you should say the word that is underneath.

Once all the words have been spoken, the person next to you has to say the last word that the last person spoke, this is known as the loser. You will lose if the last person wins.

Speak Louder

In telephone pictionary, it is important to speak out loud all the words that you are saying. This is because it sounds like it is coming out of the mouth of another person and you can’t hear what they are saying unless they have said it. If you have the microphone turned up as high as possible, it is easier for you to hear what they are saying.

When you have finished speaking, make sure you shake hands with your opponent and congratulate them. If you don’t congratulate them, they will feel that you aren’t sincere and you won’t get the full attention from them.

Telephone Pictionary Game Improve Your Golf Game Skills

Telephone pictionary should help you improve your skills in playing a game of golf. It should also be a good introduction to the art of communication between two people who don’t know each other. It is important to communicate with your opponent, even when you are playing against someone who you think you are playing against the whole world against.

Take Advantage Of Telephone Pictionary - Read These Tips
Take Advantage Of Telephone Pictionary – Read These Tips

It will also help you learn how to read your opponents’ body language, because you may learn things about them that they don’t want you to know. This way, you can better predict what they might be saying about you. There are a lot of ways to improve, but one of the most important things to remember is that telephone pictionary is simply a way of playing the game by thinking outside of the box.

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