Star Wars Birthday Decorations To Impress Your Kids This Time

star wars birthday decorations

Star Wars is an American Disney series created by George Lucas. The fiction science space fantasy attracts millions of people worldwide due to its content, mind blowing 3D effects and storyline. The movie series has been a block master with a total US $70 billion income making it the fifth highest grossing media franchise of all times.

A Style Icon- Star Wars

A statue of a birthday cake

Decoration Ideas for the theme star wars movie series have hit the market. Children and young adults love to attend themed parties of stars wars. From dressing like the characters to enjoying the customized star wars cake has become a new trend.

Creative and Decorative Ideas

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Here’s a list of some creative decoration ideas using star wars movie series as a theme.

3D invitations – Planning and starting a star wars theme party by sending out 3D invitations of Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano or any other star war character to kids and adults serves as the main attraction to the people. Writing the lines such as, ‘Bring your lightsaber to complete your Jedi training’ will add beautiful weight to the card.

Customized cake – With eye catching and mouth watering elegant cakes, the party reaches to the next level. It’s a new trend to have customized cakes of different characters and symbols from star wars. The chocolate, vanilla or butterscotch base and cake pops of Princess Leia, Yoda or BB8 grabs the attention of the gatherers. Black and yellow colour seems to be the best for the Star Wars decoration theme.

Printed Face Mask – Planning customized face party masks with star wars logo and characters can make everyone feel like they are a part of the fictional movie.

Wall decoration – Using Darth Vader’s balloons and Princess Leia’s toy gun can be a big source of wall decorating items. Sticking custom-made or handmade garland banners and star wars pennants on the walls will serve as a photo booth.

Playing Music – One of the most popular Star wars themed decoration ideas can include playing movie’s music when the guests arrive. Layer on, everyone can hit the floor with the background effect of the New Hope song.

Temporary Tattoo Booth – An impressive feature to make the party more fun is to create a separate temporary tattoo booth which children love. Tattoos of Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Kyle Ren and many more will become a source of joy and laughter for the kids.

Star wars themed games – An amazing collection of star wars themed birthday party games can make a party 10 times cooler. Games such as Which star war character am I ? ,pass the death star, use the force, best costume runway etc. are frequently preferred games for star wars themed parties.

Thank You cards- Thanking the guests for joining the celebration with a pictorial star wars photo card will make them ecstatic.


Fans are always crazy to enjoy the series Star Wars. Planning and organizing Star wars themed decorative parties can be one of the ways to follow and love Star wars. Starring from customized dresses, black and yellow star wars cake, lightsaber to star wars games and thank you cards will a party fun and upbeat.

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