Star War Birthday Party Games – Check Out For The Best Theme You Can Get

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Star Wars is an American fictional film series produced by George Lucas. The movie series has won millions of hearts ever since its release. Star wars birthday-themed parties have been a classy trend enjoyed by children, adolescents, and adults. Wearing similar customers, playing Star Wars games, decorating the house with Star wars logos and items, and serving customized food has become a new source of entertainment for movie lovers. 

Star Wars Birthday Party Games

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Planning Star wars themed games is an essential element to make the birthday party a hit. 

Star Wars Birthday Party Games – Giving Lightsabers To Children 

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Creating homemade lightsabers from foam roll and duct tape can be a stunning prop to be used in Star Wars birthday party games. Children can play with them in pairs. Foam-made lightsabers will be affordable and won’t cause any injury while playing. 

Star Wars Birthday Party Games – Jedi Mind Trick 

Making a person wear an Obi-Wan costume and giving training to the children in the party in the form of a game can be a great start to engage kids. The person imitating Obi-Wan can ask the kids to think of a number and add 6 to it. Then by series of instructions and calculations, the person can guess the digit creating fun with mathematics.

Star Wars Birthday Party Games – Lightsaber Tennis 

Children can be separated into pairs across a table. Providing them with foam-rolled lightsaber sticks with the help of duct tape and star war labels. Stormtrooper balloons can be used as a ball and lightsabers as a racket to play star wars themed tennis.

Star Wars Birthday Party Games – Star Wars Themed Tug Of War

Kids can be given a bracelet and cap of star wars characters and can be split into two teams- One team comprising of dark characters and the other of light characters. The two teams can be made to compete in the game tug of war.

The Need For Games

Having the best theme for the birthday party does not make up for it all. Think about a moment when the best birthday bash is conducted and there are no games to have fun especially when there are kids. The kids will get to bored to enjoy the theme alone. To make sure that does not happen, you might want to take a look at the games we have listed above and make sure the birthday party remained as interesting as it is supposed to be. 


Star wars movie series with iconic characters such as Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Han Solo, and others. Numerous star wars games can be creatively used to engage kids at a birthday party and make the party a blast.If you are planning for an interesting birthday party for your children you might want to take a look at the Star Wars theme we have provided and this will ensure your kids have fun during their birthday.

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