Some Great Baseball Birthday Party Games For Your Next Party

baseball birthday party games

Yard Ball

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Look like the olden days with this indoor game for baseball birthday party games. You will need enough baseballs for each player on your team, and you will need an assortment of items to carry around in the backyard. Paper towels, batting cages, a folding table, and a variety of plastic baseball cards are just a few things you may want to set up. Have the kids bring their own glove, throw the balls into the cage, and see who gets the most hits.

Baseball Birthday Party Games

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Four baseball birthday party games that don’t require a ball, have the guests split up into teams, and you give them a variety of snack options to choose from. You could have a simple bean bag toss, or you could setup some inflatable batting cages. As the players try to hit their baseball cakes into the cage, you could provide a variety of snacks for them to carry from home to home. It is really up to you, as long as everyone gets to eat and have something to drink to help cheer them up.

Batting Cage

You can play a variation of baseball birthday party games where two people are given a bag of baseball balls. One person is standing on each end of the bench, and they toss balls toward each other. The person who gets the last hit out at home runs away! This is a great game for younger children as it works well with only one person at a time. You can also adjust the length of the cage so that it will be more challenging if you need to get more than one player in at a time.


Another great option for baseball birthday party games involves creating a base line and then blowing up a balloon at that base. For this game, you need to blow up all the balloons within a certain radius of the ‘base’ until no more balloons are inflated. Then, the players can throw their baseball bats at the balloons until they reach the ground.

Baseball Birthday Party Games With a Bat

One of the more popular baseball birthday party games that you can play involves having the players stand one or two feet away from the pitcher with a baseball bat in their hands. The first person to get a hit with the bat is out. The first person who gets two hits, or three hits, is out. This is a simple game, but it’s great because it adds a challenge to the game. It also forces the players to use their batting skills, which is always a plus.

Baseball Birthday Party Games With Poppers

Using popcorn or peanut butter balls is another great option for baseball birthday party games. Purchase small containers of popcorn, and set out a plate of popcorn. Have the guests come to the party with their own bags of popcorn. You can have some of them bring a bag of their own popcorn, or you can have a container of your child’s favorite flavors ready on the table. Allow the players to each take one bag of popcorn. Once everyone has a bag of their own, the game is over.


Baseball Birthday Party Games With Balloons: After getting a few initial hits with the baseball bats, have the birthday celebrators try to throw the baseballs into the balloons. For this game, you’ll need a larger balloon and a couple of smaller balloons. You’ll want to have someone serve as the umpire to call every pitch, and has the first person to get the first person on the team get a hit with the ball.

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