Some Fun Choices For Halloween And Christmas Party Decorations

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Now that the character is coming back in the popular kids’ franchise The LEGO Movie, party decorations and ideas are being used to give the theme a much renewed flavor. As usual, younglings will dress up as their favorite LEGO characters and head to a birthday party. Here are some examples of how to decorate for the LEGO Star Wars Birthday Party.


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The first place to start is with the invitations. If you have any clipart or old film posters from the movie, show them to the guests. Explain what the theme is and ask them to write down the names of the kids, they know who’ve shown up at your child’s birthday. You can use the names as stickers on the invites or make a little album with photos and a message from the movie. Don’t forget to include a brief message from Grandma as well!

The second thing to do is to go out and buy some vinyl bricks. Brick n’ construction is a fun theme and can easily be combined with another theme. For example, if you’re having a Star Wars kid’s party, you could use brown construction bricks to create Storm Troopers or a good many other cool pieces. Use them for building anything from buildings to planetships!

Get Some Old Yellow And Orange Items

For the decorations you’ll need to get some old yellow and orange items. The first thing you can get are the traditional purple and green lighted balls (I used those for my son’s birthday party). You can line them up in various formations like a display of castle towers on a dark night. Try and think up as many different formations as you can to keep the kids entertained. Then just get a bunch of those lighted balls and hang them from the ceiling or wherever it is you have to hang them.

My next suggestion for some interesting minions birthday party decorations is to use some old clothing. Buy old t-shirts and hats and then stick them in a giant bag. They should be big enough to cover each character. It won’t look exactly like they’re in the pictures but it will be close! And once they’ve been put into the bag they can just be thrown around.

Make A Video Of Each Of The Characters

The third idea that I came up with was to make a video of each of the characters. Cut out some time and film yourself with the voice over and insert some special effects as each of the characters walks by. Kids will love these little videos and they will also be able to mime the different voices. They can even play with the different characters while watching! If you want to make a longer version just record yourself talking like each of the characters and they will be a lot easier to do.

Last Words

Now that you’ve had a few pointers on making your own Halloween and Christmas party decorations, you should be ready to have some fun! The kids will love their little secret weapon and it will bring back some memories when they see it years later. Give yourself a favor and do some research online. There are loads of ideas both for Halloween and Christmas party decorations.

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