Simple and Tricky Games to Play at Home

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Games are a more exciting thing to do both for children and grown-ups. The surprising events, the thrilling moments, the joyful play and still more. All these things in gaming make human life still more exciting. Games are a great stress buster and help in relaxing our mind and body. Playing with children is another form of enjoyment. With this pandemic situation, almost every person around different countries is shut down inside the house to keep them safe and healthier. This is the time granted for everyone to spend quality time for themselves and with their family members. But is it possible to stay quiet inside for days and weeks? Never, is possible and to keep you entertained and make you joyful here we are with different games to play at home with your children and family members.

Best Funny Games to Play at Home

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Mafia is a popular game that most children wish to play. With seven or more participants the game seems to be funnier and exciting. The game is actually to identify who the Mafiosi are. Take pieces of paper equal to the number of participants. Write different character names who are the Innocents in all the pieces with one or two as Mafiosi. The is conducted in two phases: Morning and Night. During the night phase, the Mafiosi kill some Innocents and in the night phase, the Innocents try to identify the Mafiosi who commit the murder. The game lasts longer until all the Mafiosi are eliminated or until all the Innocents are killed. If you understand the rules of this game it will be the funniest game you have ever played in your life. 

Treasure Hunt

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This would be a more exciting game for both children and elders. Finding hidden things with the given clue is the actual game. With a small amount of work and preparation, the game goes funny and interesting. Just hide some things in places that no one can find easily and make clues in a bit of paper locating the place where the things are hidden. Note that the clues must be continuous. If the things are gifts or prizes it would highly motivate the children to continue the game. Instead of gifts, you can keep money like coins, pennies and bigger amounts at the end. This would also be so exciting.


With two or more members you can play this word guessing game, where 1 player comes forward with a word and draws several dashes equal to the number of letters in the word. The player may include one or two letters as a clue. The remaining player should know what the exact word is by guessing the letters. As the other players do say the letters, player 1 will insert it in the corresponding place. Players are given only three wrong letters and if the number exceeds then player 1 is the winner. This is more of a brainy game.


Playing games is a free action and also comes with different benefits including social, emotional and cognitive benefits. Playing with family members or neighbours will create a strong bond of social relationship. Children when playing with groups will learn to lead, communicate and develop self-esteem greatly. Also physically our body becomes stronger and the brain function is increased highly. Thus gamings are besides for fun and entertainment is essential for personal and social well-being.

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