Office Birthday Decorations Ideas

Office Birthday Decorations

Meta- Looking to do something special for your colleague? How about choosing one of the themes for office birthday decorations?

It is even more special to make someone feel special. Especially when they are your colleagues or boss, if you are doing office birthday decorations for someone in your office, it won’t give you a promotion surely. However, you will get an abundance of love and appreciation from all. Bringing smiles to your colleagues’ faces is worth more than a promotion. It is surely worth the effort. Therefore we have found some of the best office birthday decoration ideas for you. They are easy, simple, yet they will complete the purpose of being and making someone feel special. Whether it is just a desk decoration, cabin decoration, or any special place in the office, these ideas will fit all your needs.

Different Types Of Office Birthday Decorations

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1 Rainbow Balloons And A Glitter Banner

This is one of the easiest office birthday decorations. It doesn’t take much of your time and doesn’t require much either. All you want is a pack of some multicolored balloons and a glitter banner saying happy birthday. Tape the balloons everywhere and hang the banner right in front. It is fast, affordable, and looks super beautiful. You can do this decoration either on the desk or in the cabin.

2 Pink, Black, and White Stripes Theme

Suppose you want your decoration to be something sophisticated. Then this is one of the most gorgeous of all office birthday decorations. You will need black and white striped papers to tape around the dest, cubic walls, door, etc. Paste glittery white and pink flowers over it. Hang a small pink birthday banner to top it all.

3 Strung Across Twirling Streamers

There is a lot of stuff that can be done using twirling streamers. Also, they are reusable if you keep them with care. Therefore this is one of the most economical office birthday decorations. You can either hang the twirling streamers from top to bottom, paste them on walls, or string around the desk area or the cabin. They instantly make the whole area vibrant.

4 Cake Desk

There are several ways to decorate the cake desk for office birthday celebrations. The desk can be your colleague’s working desk or a special table specially decorated for the birthday surprise cake. Cover the desk using a vibrant color paper. Hang some twirling streamers around it. You can paste paper candles on the walls around the desk. Put some balloons here and there and a cake on the top of the table. This looks great and would leave anyone in surprise.


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You can be as creative as you want for office birthday decorations. There are so many different themes that you can try every time a colleague has a birthday. Decorating their space is the easiest way of appreciating their presence in your life. This gesture includes a slight personal touch that is so good to maintain healthy and long-term bonds. Over everything, it is always good to bring a smile to faces and if you can make someone happy with simple office birthday decorations. Then why not?

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