Minnie Mouse Snacks For Birthday Party – Makes These snacks Easy To Prepare And Delicious Too

minnie mouse snacks for birthday party

These fun snacks are ideal for a Minnie Mouse birthday party. They will make your little girl smile with delight every time they are served. Whether they are alone or with friends, girls are always glad to see and receive this special snack from their favorite Disney princesses.

These tasty snacks can be used for snacks and treats at your Minnie Mouse birthday party. You can have the entire party catered to include a variety of foods so that there are lots of choices for everyone. A good idea is to have cups, mugs, plates, and eating utensils with the character’s image and name on them. There are several different types of cupcake insides available with this character on them. These cupcakes look just like the actual ones that Minnie eats out of her cute yellow basket.

Child’s Birthday Cake Decorated With Pictures

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If you would like to have your child’s birthday cake entirely decorated with pictures of the character, then you can do that as well. A simple search online for Minnie Mouse cakes will bring you to several different companies that sell these items. Make sure to note the exact date of the birthday so that you can order the cake ahead of time and have it sent to the party location. To save on costs, you may want to order the cake from a company that makes edible novelty cakes instead of one that designs and sells the birthday cake itself. In addition, some of these cakes are pre-made, which means that all you have to do is let them dry and assemble.

The best part about the Minnie Mouse snacks for birthday party is that you can order them ahead of time and have them shipped directly to your home. This will help you save on the cost of having to drive to the store and pick them up yourself. You won’t even have to wait at the store to find out if they are in fact available!

Make Your Own Version Of These Treats

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If you don’t live near a bakery, then you can always make your own version of these treats. The first step is to choose the type of flavor you would like. Since Minnie has several, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one to fit your theme. Just be sure to let your child know which one she wants before you bake it!

Baking Your Own Minnie Mouse Snacks

Baking your own Minnie Mouse snacks for a birthday party is actually quite easy. There are many easy recipes available online or in book form from any cookbook on baking. After you choose which flavor of cake you want to bake, you simply follow the directions given and bake the cake. Some even use no cooking spray, which will make the cake much easier to clean up afterward. If you decide to use the no-cook spray, be sure to apply a very thin layer of it on the cake so that it doesn’t stick to the cake.

Bottom Line

Finally, to really add to the festive atmosphere, send out each guest home with a special treat to take home. Most Minnie Mouse snacks are small, so this should not be a problem. Just look around the house for things that you may have placed inside the cupboards or that are easy to pack up. Perhaps you can hide a few pieces of tissue paper behind the cupboard doors or find some bags with a few Mickey Mouse ears and pieces of string on them! Any homemade treat that serves as a decoration for your party is sure to be a big hit!

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