Minions Birthday Party Games In Trend

minions birthday party games

Birthday parties become more fun and exciting when they are theme-based. For kids parties, minions are the best themes to create. Their color is very basic, that is, yellow and blue. Thus it becomes really easy to find decor items and other things in this color combination. Another fun idea would be to incorporate minions birthday party games at your kid’s birthday. It will be a really interesting and fresh concept if you do so. Children will really enjoy it.

Fun Ideas For Minions Birthday Party Games

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There are a lot of ideas with which you can organize minions birthday party games. It would be super cute and super fun. Here we have got you some amazing ways to host minions games.


Bowling is an amazing game, and it is a fun game to play with children. To create a minion special bowling game, you need to paint ten to twelve bottles in blue and yellow color. Place all of them in a bowling pin form and give the players a ball to knock them down.

Pin The Goggles

Print a picture of a minion without goggles. Hang it at some height and away from your start point. Also, print out a picture of its goggles and paste it on a cardboard. Put a double tape on its back. Blindfold the child and ask him to pin it on his eyes. The child who gets the closest will be the winner.

Hit The Minion

Get at least five disposable cups. Paint them yellow and make an eye on them just like the minions. Arrange them in the shape of a pyramid. Give each kid a ball, and turns ask them to hit the pyramid from some distance. The kid that hits the maximum cups wins.

Find The Crown

To play this fantastic game, you will have to divide the children into two teams. Give each team a crown and ask them to hide it somewhere. Then give each team a time limit of 2-5 minutes to find the crown of their opponent team. The team that finds the crown in the least time wins the game. This game will teach team spirit to the children.


Minions birthday party games can be really exciting if you are able to manage everything properly. You can also arrange snacks in that color combination. Apart from that, you can even decorate the entire area with minion theme objects. You can be as creative as you can. Trust us, and your kids will be very happy and amazed to see it. You can try a bunch of other things like giving minion theme gifts to the winners of different games and so on. Try these games out and let your kids have fun.

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