Make Your Dinosaurs Theme Party Spectacular

dinosaur birthday party snacks

Purchase or make your own paleontologist theme party foods. This theme is perfect for boys, girls and even dinosaur theme party guests of all ages. Use a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and/or seeds.

Ideal For Outdoor Event

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A paleontologist party can easily be planned for an outdoor event. It is suggested that paleontologists and their guests make and serve their own lunch. This will allow each guest to learn about the different types of dinosaurs and what they feed their bodies. Since young children will enjoy this aspect of the party, it is suggested that small, bite-size treats to be served (e.g., grapes, apples, pretzels, crackers, shrimp bites and cookies).

For a fun activity, ask your guests to bring their treasured prehistoric pets. If you are having an outdoor dinosaur theme, then your guests can make costumes for their pets. The dressed up pets can then be roaming around the party area and munching on tasty treats. Also, this will allow them to interact with kids and other guests. You could even have a photo shot at the end of the night, with the best looking pet in attendance.

Another fun activity is for paleontologists to make a slide presentation. In this presentation, the host will lead a group of paleontologists through a life-sized reconstruction of a dinosaur. The team will be accompanied by the child’s friends. After each paleontologist is finished with his presentation, the children will have a chance to make an input about the reconstruction. At the end, a favorite dinosaur toy can be given as a gift to the group.

Another fun activity is to have each of the paleontologists record a short story for the guests at the party. These stories can be related to their expertise in dinosaur research. The tales could be based on one of the many books that have been written about paleontology.

To make the party even more fun, have some homemade dinosaur birthday cake. For this recipe, use brown sugar syrup and gummy candy pieces. You can buy these from a local or online store. For decorations, have several small glass jars with green dye and faux rocks on them. You can also get the paleontologists to sit at a tall glass with a plate of green coloring. To finish off the party, have all of the guests take home a small stuffed dinosaur from their cupcakes.

The dinosaur party favors should complement the theme of the party. Some choices for party favors include; glass coasters, paper weights, plastic cutlery, plastic eggs, decorative eggs, and glow sticks. The decorations can be very simple or very intricate. You can make paper flowers and place them around the party area. You could also have guests write messages on them.

Summing Up

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The food for a Dinosaur Birthday Party should not be too difficult to find either. If you plan on having some kids over, ask if any of them have any familiarity with dinosaur cookbooks. You can find a lot of information about different dinosaur foods online and in cookbooks. Since dinosaurs were natural herbivores, you might want to choose something like baked eggs, sausages, hot dogs and popcorn. You can also make a simple dessert out of cookie dough coated in chocolate and served with fresh fruit.

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