Let us Make It More Sparkling With Our Best Old School Yet Coolest Fun Games For Kids Birthday Party

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What’s so special about childhood besides the child himself? It’s their birthday every year and the fun-filled birthday party makes it more special for them. Even the parents are super-excited to plan the best birthday party for their kids, but honestly, it’s not a piece of cake.

Undoubtedly, the theme-coordinated decorations and flavorsome cake and food that the kids look out for, but one eminent part is the fun games for the kids’ birthday party that the children enjoy the most. In this article, we have gathered some of the old-schools yet coolest fun games for a kids’ birthday party that would indeed enhance the flavors of your kid’s big day.

Best Exciting Fun Games For Kids Birthday Party

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Balloon Pinata Popping


  • Initiate with inflating and stuffing the balloons with sweets, goodies, confetti, etc. to play this fun game for kids birthday party
  • Stick them on the ceiling with an adhesive tape
  • Blindfold the child whose turn it is and give him a stick or a toy bat
  • Take him underneath the balloons and spin him once carefully
  • Ask him to try to hit on the balloons in one go
  • Whoever child gets to burst the maximum balloons will get the respective stuffed goodie. 


Create Your Own Magic Wand

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  • To play this fun game for a kids’ birthday party, distribute a few standard-sized wooden or plastic sticks amongst the kids.
  • On a table, scatter the material required to create and decorate a magic wand like glitter, flower or star cut-outs, ribbons, stickers, colors, etc.
  • Ask each child to pick what they require out of these
  • Let the children then showcase their creativity by creating a fairy wand or the Harry Potter’s magic wand


Neon Ring Toss


  • Place some chocolates, toys, hampers, cookie tins, books, and other goodies over a table at an acceptable distance.
  • Handover the neon rings to the child, and with two turns, each let them grab whatever their ring goes upon


Wild Musical Chair


  • Arrange some chairs in a row or circle, each facing outwards in an opposite manner
  • Let the kids gather around the chairs.
  • The host then calls out the name of an animal and puts on the music
  • As soon as the music plays, the kids start walking around the chairs, dancing
  • As the music stops, they have to simultaneously sit on the chair in front, either enacting or making a noise like the animal whose name was announced earlier 
  • The one who is left out and the one who couldn’t enact the animal would be out 
  • Remove the further chairs accordingly and continue till the last person is left


These enjoyable, fun games for a kids’ birthday party can seriously get you back to your childhood, as they still sparkle brightly in our memories. With an exciting twist of creativity, these fun games for a kids’ birthday party can make your child’s special day the most unforgettable one for everyone. 

With these fun games for a kids’ birthday party, we hope your kid has a great birthday.

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