Indian Party Snacks for Kids Birthday Parties

indian party snacks for kids birthday

When it comes to celebrating a kids birthday in your family, the options for party snacks may seem limited only by your imagination. Traditionally, children have had sugary treats and sweets in abundance at their celebratory parties, but today there are plenty of healthy and nutritious Indian options that kids enjoy just as much. While candy and cookies are still popular for parties of all ages, you can also spice things up with Indian-style party snacks for kids that are healthy, tasty and creative.

Classic Favorites On The Menu

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There are plenty of classic favorites on the menu for a kids birthday party, and nothing beats fried or roasted cashews for a healthy snack option. You can find cashew nuts at a health food store or online, and they are quick and easy to make. Just combine all the ingredients and bake away. Be sure to serve these healthy snacks with plenty of water to help the nut mixture stay moist.

Another great healthy option for Indian kids birthday parties is a variety of fresh fruits. Since kids celebrate their birthdays in August, fruits are an excellent choice for snacks – and they’re easily digestible. Carrots are especially nice, with their light, slightly spicy flavors. Pick a range of colors that your kids will like, and add some crunchy greens to round out the fruits for a delicious treat.

Traditional Dessert For An Indian Kid’s Birthday

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Of course, nothing beats the traditional dessert for an Indian kid’s birthday: rice. It’s also a very easy way to include fruits into the celebration, since kids can be given a bowl of mint juleps to dip into the creamy filling. The best part is that there are dozens of different recipes for mint juleps to choose from, so there’s no worry about creating the perfect one. Serve this dessert with plain yogurt for a healthier alternative that’s also easy to prepare.

Celebrate a special Indian New Year with a Double Chocolate Bar at Children’s World. This popular party snack combines two bars of chocolate – one dark and one light – to create a mouth-watering bar for children to enjoy. Each bar contains about three grams of fat – less than half a gram of saturated fat, which is the maximum that the FDA allows in a candy bar. Because it has less fat, this bar for kids is considered low-fat. You can use white chocolate or milk chocolate for variations on this theme. Make sure that you use natural cocoa powders and do not use hydrogenated oils, as these can clog the digestive system.

Celebrate A Multipurpose Cupcake At Kids Celebrations

A multipurpose cupcake can have many layers, each one different flavored. This type of birthday cake is perfect for Indian families, since the children can help make the icing, which is a fun activity during the birthday party. The kids can also help decorate the cupcake, and there are plenty of frosting options for a multipurpose cupcake. Use chocolate sauces or toppings, maraschino cherries, mints or other sweet fruits and serve the cake as a dessert after dessert.

Last Words

Indian party snacks for kids celebrate the excitement of the season. These birthday snacks are healthy, tasty, and creative ways to commemorate the special day. They provide your little guests with a variety of delicious foods while making sure they have something to talk about when the party is over. When planning an Indian celebration, make sure you have plenty of paper goods to hand out at the party and plenty of favors for your guests to take home. Indian celebrations are fun and delicious for everyone. Make sure that you take the time to plan the menu, select party favors, and celebrate with your family and friends.

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