Ideas About Baby Girl First Birthday Decorations

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Babies and their first birthdays are just the most enjoyable part of parenthood. Time flies so fast that no one can even remember what the babies really looked like on their first birthdays. The memories, photographs, parties and decorations are something that are always remembered. It is the efforts of the parents and the loving family that make the first birthdays memorable. This makes the first birthdays a lot more important. It is a special occasion for the parents and a very fond memory for the kids that they can look for in their future.

Birthday Decorations

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Birthdays are said to be one of the most happening events. The decorations that are generally done on an event like birthdays include balloons, a feast or a hired artist. It is all good for the celebration of the kids, who are a little older. Since, those kids have developed a sense of likings and dislikings. According to their nature, birthdays can be planned. But, when it is the first birthday, things can not be according to the child. It is entirely on parents to make the birthday celebrations great. Following are some of the ideas that you can implement for birthday decorations, especially for your baby girl’s first birthday.

Decoration Ideas

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Decorations are not limited to balloons and confetti. It is the mood that you offer at the event. The best decorations lead to the best parties. Try on some of the following ideas.

  1. Make it about your birthday girl– It has been a year full of memories, so organize the photos from the very first month and you can arrange these photographs in a sequence. You can hang all these photos on the walls of the room. So that they may become the first attraction. The photos can be cut out in any form and can help you to decorate the venue of any size.
  2. Include a dress-up theme- Though babies will not understand the dress-up theme at the moment. The guests will have fun. The memories captured in the photographs will be a great moment for all.
  3. Make it colorful- Babies like colours and colours go well with the decorations also. You can surely include anything with colours in the decorations like the confetti decoration and dress-up themes.
  4. A Feast for kids- Since, the kids will be the primary guests, a feast for kids can do the magic for your celebration. With colors and great food, the celebration will be remembered well. 


Babies have a routine. For a good celebration, parents must schedule these birthday parties according to their girl’s schedule. Timing is of essence because it is for her that the party is being organized. Make sure that she is in full energy to enjoy these moments. Photographs or videos of the celebration will be a good step for the baby girl to know about the guests and the love of parents that she has got with her.

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