How To Prepare A Frozen Themed Birthday Party

frozen themed birthday party snacks

Whether you want a party with just ice cream or chocolate, the fun is in the planning. But if you really want to do it up to the nicest level, give your party an extra treat with a frozen dessert theme. Here are some fun and delicious ideas for frozen treat party snacks.


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One of the classics, fondue is easy to make and will keep everyone coming back for more. Combine cream cheese, hot chocolate and whipped cream in a fondue pot and heat in the microwave for about two minutes. When the fondue has cooled down, stir in sugar and garnish with an ice cream scoop for an extra special treat. Store in coolers for a few days or freeze for an even better treat.

Frozen Yogurt – Another way to add that special treat touch to your party is to go with an edible yogurt treat. Use fresh or store bought yogurt, and substitute vanilla or chocolate syrup for the chocolate or sugar. Line mini muffin pans with the yogurt and put a piece or two in each muffin. Cover the mugs and refrigerate until ready to serve. When the party is over, pull out the yogurt cups and each individual one and dig in – no one is going to tell you it’s flavored.


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You can never go wrong with chocolates. If you have never had chocolate truffles, these are a sweet and delicate treat that melts in the mouth. You’ll find dark chocolate works best, but all chocolate work. It just depends on your taste. If you’re on a diet, just skip the chocolate part and go with a healthier treat such as a banana, cupcake or vanilla seed cake.

Ice Cream – Who doesn’t love ice cream? A simple treat of ice cream and some candies can be a nice change of pace from the main course at the party. If you’ve never had a chocolate fountain, these are quite common at themed birthday parties and can be really easy to make yourself. There are many different versions you can choose from, so get some ideas online or ask your party organizer if he or she has a special recipe for chocolate fountains.

Party Favors – Freeze tag and mini martini glasses make great party favors for a fun party! They are small enough to put into the freezer and take with you when you leave. You can then give them out as party favors at the end of the party or to each guest as they leave. This also keeps them from running out of the freezer and into the garbage can!

Party Supplies

Gives out plenty of napkins, plates, cups and tablecloths with your pictures on them for everyone to see. Also, stock up on foil to place over them to make the food stick to them better. Get or make up a bunch of fun stickers that all have your favorite frozen cartoon characters on them such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Eeyore. You could even go as far as putting one of each on your party supplies to make them easier to find and grab when you need them.

Last Words

Budget – Everything you purchase will affect your budget. A lot of people don’t realize how much money they spend on decorations, party favors and food at a themed birthday party. So start out small and add a little bit more every time to keep costs down. You can always have a surplus of food at your party, but it might be easier and more cost effective to just have a few extra baskets or plates at home. If your guest list is long, try to enlist the help of a friend or neighbor to help you. That way you don’t have to divide up all the work and everyone have enough to do their own thing.

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