How to Design Birthday Invitations For a Harry Potter Theme

harry potter birthday invitations

For the third year in a row, Harry Potter birthday invitations are being released. Children, and adults for that matter, are excited to invite their friends to celebrate Harry’s big day. Invitations should include basic information like venue, time, date, and RSVP information.

Choose The Theme For Your Invitation

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If you have already chosen your theme, it is time to design the invitation. Choose your invitation based on your theme. The most popular themes for a Harry Potter party include magic, mystery, and adventure. Once you choose your theme, you will have more flexibility in picking the invitation. For instance, if your party will be held at a location such as a hotel, you can easily incorporate your theme into the invitations. On the other hand, if your theme is more of a mystery party, send out some vague clues so that you let your guests’ imaginations run wild.

Black And White Inks Are Recommending For Designing The Invitations

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To design the invitations, use black ink for all of the text and white ink for the pictures. You should avoid using colored paper because it will not match your theme. Also, keep the font size small. This way, you will not have any problem with challenging to read invitations.

Never Consider The Clip Art

Another tip to choosing Harry Potter birthday invitations is to stay away from clip art. This may seem like a strange choice since you ask your guests to imagine themselves in the scene you are creating, but clip art does not represent what your theme is. You should instead choose simple images that remind you of your main idea. Of course, if you are doing this for a kids’ party, make sure that the images are safe for them to use.

There Should Be A Message In Your Theme

Another tip for your Harry Potter invitations is to incorporate the theme into the message. If you are sending out separate cards, include each person’s name and spell. If you are doing a letter format, include the person, date, and venue. It is also a good idea to mention the mysterious theme you have chosen for your special day.

Choose The Pictures For Your Invitations

Finally, let your creative juices flow when choosing the Harry Potter theme for your Harry Potter birthday party. Think about the pictures you have taken during your travels. Use these as borders or background on the cards. You can even choose to put one of your pictures in the invitation. These are just a few ideas that you can use.

You can find many Harry Potter birthday invitations online. There are tons of templates to choose from. Some of them come with free spellings. This is definitely a big help for people who don’t know the Harry Potter books well. If you don’t want to spell everything yourself, you can print off some free clipart or other images from the Internet.

Final Words

Whether you are hosting a birthday party for your little boy or girl, a Harry Potter theme is sure to bring out the fun in them. From their birthday cards to their invitations to their party, they will have a great time enjoying the magic. So get creative, put on your favorite theme music and turn your computer into your very own dark side. Create some invitations on your computer and send them out to all of your friends and family. You will indeed have a lot of fun!

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