Healthy Snacks For Birthday Dinners

birthday party healthy snacks

You want to keep the birthday party fun, but you also don’t want anyone at the party getting sick or making someone sick without even realizing it. Making sure that your snacks are tasty and full of fun, without falling short on nutrition is just as important as what you serve at the party.

To make birthday cake easy, you can use an unbaked tasty cake mix. This allows you to bake the cake at home and eliminates one more chore for you. You can also take advantage of the premade cupcake and cookie recipes that many bakery websites offer. These recipes are much easier to prepare because you have the ability to alter them to your tastes. You can also save time by only having to mix together the frosting and the icing, instead of having to combine several ingredients.

Snacks For Kids

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Snacks for kids should be designed to last, not only while the guests are at the party but also the next day. For example, instead of having potato chips, have an oven safe ham and cheese sandwich. You can freeze both the sandwich and the dip to take with you if needed. If the kids eat unhealthy foods while they are at the party, they may crave them later. If you make healthy snacks, you can satisfy their cravings with a meal that they will feel better about later.

As with any healthy diet, portion control is important. In order to avoid fatty snacks and other unhealthy foods, ask your guests to bring their own containers. If you plan on having a salad at the party, plan on serving a healthy vegetable tray or eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables prior to the start of the event. You can dress up a bowl of pasta with a low fat dressing, or serve on a bed of raw vegetables along with a low calorie salad dressing. By serving your guests with a variety of healthy foods before the party, they will be more likely to be happy to leave the unhealthy foods at home.

A Simple Fruit Cake Or Cupcakes

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It’s important to realize that most children do not want to eat a whole cake. A simple fruit cake or cupcakes with low calorie frosting can be a perfect snack idea for birthday parties. Many parents serve fruit cake with a sugary frosting. Although this is a traditional treat, you can be creative and serve something a little different for a birthday celebration.

Most kids won’t want to eat a bucket of pasta. Although this may be your tradition at many children’s birthday parties, you can easily change things up and make some healthy snacks that kids will like. Just use a low calorie tortilla shell, and cook your own vegetable (such as zucchini or squash) or raw vegetable (such as cherry or broccoli) meal. This will save you some money, and your guests will enjoy the healthy taste as well.

Upscale Birthday Party

If you are planning an upscale birthday party, healthy snacks are going to be even more important. Although you want to have a variety of healthy treats for your guests, you should stick with some of the classic treats that you know your guests will enjoy.

For example, a healthy option for pastrami is to make a sandwich using whole wheat bread. Your guests will enjoy the taste and texture of the bread, which will keep them from getting food poisoning, and you will be saving a few bucks.

Final Words

Remember to plan ahead, and make healthy choices for your birthday party. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you want to make sure that you are providing your child with as many options as possible. If your child is attending a birthday party, it should be a fun experience. To help your child have a successful birthday, you will want to make sure that he or she has plenty of healthy snacks available to enjoy.

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