Have A Look At Some Fun-Filled Birthday Games For Kids

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Games are a powerful tool for entertainment and are always helpful in educational significance. It increases abilities and skills in children. For the growth of a healthy mind and fit body, games are beneficial for kids and adults. When it is time to plan Birthday parties for kids, games are a must. You can organize some birthday games for kids without spending extra money.

Here Are Some Amazing And Fun Ideas For Birthday Games For Kids.

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Musical Chairs-

This game will never get old and can be played by kids of all ages. Adults also enjoyed playing this game. Place the chair in a circular form. The chair must be less than the number of kids playing. Turn on the music and tell them to run around. And when the music stops, every kid has to find a chair to sit on. The kid without the seat is out of the game. Continue to play the game until one kid is left. Make it more entertaining by asking kids to dance around the circle of chairs till the music stops.

Carrying Lemons With A Spoon-

Place two tables in some distance and keep some bowls with lemon on the table. The other table should have empty bowls. All the participants put both hands behind their back, and they have to hold a spoon of lemon in their mouth. Balance the lemon on the spoon. If a lemon falls, that participant is disqualified. The kid who transfers the maximum number of lemons wins the game. This game is enjoyed by all the kids.

Hide And Seek-

It is a classic game played by all generations. Hide and seek is the most popular game among children. One player should close his or her eyes for some time while the other hides. Then the seeker opens his or her eyes and tries to find all the hiders. The first player found by the seeker would be the next seeker, and the last player is the winner of the round.

Pass The Parcel-

Pass the parcel is such a huge hit game for kids and adults too. Tell all the kids to be seated in a circle and give them a pillow as a parcel to pass on to the next person quickly. Play some music and tell them to pass the parcel as long as the music plays. The kid who left with the parcel when the music stops should entertain the group by dancing or singing or any other tasks given by the group.

Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Birthday Games For Kids.

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1. Look out for the average age of all the invited children. And choose that type of game all the children can play, not a selected group.

2. Try to choose a game which can be played by both girls and boys. Avoid gender-specific games. 

3. Avoid games that take a long time because kids will get bored by playing them. Keep it short.

4. Try not to handle multiple games at one time. Prepare well with good planning. 


Buy some small gifts for kids who win the games, so that it can be memorable for them and also get them motivated. Enjoy any birthday event with these birthday games for kids.

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