Fun Snacks Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

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Are you confused as to what to cook for an upcoming birthday celebration? Often a working person gets into stress organizing a birthday party. There is hardly anytime to arrange for favors, cake, decorations and food. To solve your dilemma, here are some quick birthday party snacks that will tease your tastebuds and win you accolades of appreciation.

Mini Pizzas

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These are a perfect pop-in-the-mouth options for outdoor parties. You can make an array of pizzas with different toppings. Keep in mind that kids generally love pepperoni, chicken, ham or plain margaritas only. So prepare accordingly. Keep these in a casserole so that they remain warm.


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Sliders are an amazing option for outdoor birthday party snacks. These can be made ahead with very small patty and mayonnaise inside. Kids love to take one and play around. It is also filling.


Make all kinds of sandwiches and cut them really small. These are great options for outdoor snacks for parties. You can make coleslaw, chicken and ham, vegetable and jam sandwiches.

Fruits Sticks

These are fun and easy-to-make options for outdoor birthday parties. Arranging appealing and sweet fruits in toothpicks prior to the party makes the food spread look colorful and well-thought of. The fruits can be strawberries, kiwi, bananas, apples, cherries or anything else that is in season.


Kids love to pop in some cheese into their mouths while playing. A good cheese spread will appeal to everyone and even the most fussy eaters will not say no to a cheese slice or cube.


No birthday party is every complete without cupcakes. These can be easily made ahead without any worries. Decorate your cupcakes with pretty icings and ensure that  you have other flavors apart from chocolate as not all kids may like chocolate.

Pretzel Wands

This item would be a definite hit as you can show the kids that they can have as well as eat their own magic wands. You just need to get pretzel sticks and dip them in chocolate and some sprinklers prior to the party. Just arrange them in trays and see how most of them disappear during the birthday party.

Tortilla Chips and Dips

An easy snack option for parties, you can either make your tortilla chips at home or even buy ready-made chips packets from the store. As the party starts, just pour these in a bowl along with some dips and your party is good-to-go.

Fruit Punches

Do not forget the fruit punch to make your snack menu complete. You can prepare this in advance as well and pour the concentrate in bottles. When the party starts, just add some soda or water in paper glasses along with your fruit punch concentrate. Also, have some water along these as kids will definitely ask for water as well.

The list above has some quick birthday party snacks to make.

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