Fun and Funny Fortnite Birthday Decorations Ideas for Kids Parties

fortnite birthday decorations

Are you looking for some fun ideas for your next Fortnite Birthday Party? There are plenty of awesome things you can do for a Fortnite Birthday Party. Did you know that you could use the fort and the sand to create your very own games? This is one of the most popular birthday party favors for kids. Here are some great ideas for Fortnite Birthday Party Favors:

Fortnite Birthday Decorations

A person holding a birthday cake with lit candles

Have you seen the commercial for the fort that just plays music while you roll across the terrain in a racing fort? That’s just one of the many forts and birthday party ideas for decorations. Instead of just having marshmallows scattered throughout the yard, why not put up an actual fort to play on. You could also use glow-in-the-dark stars and banners as your decorations. You could have sugary drinks, tasty treats, and plenty of sweets to create your perfect party.

Fortnite Supply Drops

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You could make your own fort with the fort supplies that you get when you become an owner of the fort. For instance, all you would need to do is find some cardboard boxes, cut a hole in them, put a couple of logs in them, cover them with sand, add some rope, paint, or scotch tape, tie a light source into the box, and add some festive colored bows around it. You can also make a fort with a supply drop. Find a red or pink “Puerto Rico” hat, cut some dark cardboard from a wheel of fortune, and then wrap it around a few plastic BBs. You will need enough supply drops to cover the whole birthday child (Ren) and it will keep them happy too.

Fortnite Pi Ta

If you have ever been to a birthday party that has a prize or other award for a special achievement, you know just how difficult it is to choose one from all of the amazing choices. What if you had to pick just one item to be given as a gift? A perfect choice for your fort would be a snazzy brand new fort with a brand new set of themed party favors. Pita packages come in all different shapes and sizes, so you should easily be able to find one that suits your child’s desires. For example, there are packages with little huggable cotton balls or even a pillow that has a little twisty side for when you put your hand in the pillow.

Balloon Animals Birthday Party Favors

If you want your kid’s party to have a splash of color and fun, look into getting balloon animals to place in the party. There are a number of different animals to choose from and each one has its own special characteristic. One idea is to get balloons that come in the shapes of a frog, a snail, fish, and even a chicken. You can even get them personalized with the kids’ names and other details for a very cute touch. These balloons make an excellent favor as well because they are so durable and can be reused over again.

Fortnite Horseshoe Toss

For a unique and fun game of luck, you can play a version of Fortnite hoarding. For this version, you will need a lot of balloons. Start by lining up some of your guests outside of the fort. Have them stand just inside of the fort so that they are not able to enter. For each person, give them a balloon that they are holding onto tightly.

Shoot A Few Hoops

Once all of your guests are inside of the fort, shoot a few hoops at them. Then, for each one that misses the hoop, give the guest a balloon. The more balloons you have hit, the higher the star will rise. The guests will have to stand under the star to collect their stars, which will earn them a prize. At the end of the game, the guest with the most stars is the winner.


Your kids will love having a chance to enjoy playing these types of games, but they will also love decorating their fort with footnote decorations. You will want to make sure that you find a great set of fort decorations for your birthday party. There are many options that you will be able to choose from, so take a look at them all and find one that you think will work the best. It is always a good idea to have enough time to plan out your child’s birthday party before it happens, so you do not waste any time finding a great fort decoration.

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