Fun And Amazing Ideas For Your Own Pinata Party

A Pinata Party is a fun, colorful, and unique party to throw. However, it is important to know the basic steps of throwing the party, before you get carried away and the party turns into a nightmare.

First, decide where you want to go with your Pinata Party. Choose a place where the crowd will be available to come and go, but also a place where there won’t be much disturbance if any at all. If you choose a place where people are allowed to leave and enter, make sure that the place is small enough for the Pinata to last for hours without toppling over.

Once you’ve chosen a place, determine how many people you need to invite. Decide how many different kinds of Pinatas you will need, so that you will not end up buying too many, for a small place. Once you have decided on the number of guests you need, make an appointment to talk to them.

Plan A Pinata Party

Fun And Amazing Ideas For Your Own Pinata Party
Fun And Amazing Ideas For Your Own Pinata Party

The best time to invite them is between one and two weeks ahead of the event. In this way, the guests will already be ready to come and will be prepared to join in on the fun. Although, most people do not need to be invited for more than a week.

Plan ahead, in advance, in order to figure out the next step of throwing the party, which is setting up the Pinata. Do not let anyone come and disturb the Pinata.

Set Up The Pinata

Start by making the pinata. It is a good idea to use bubble wrap, paper bags, small bowls or cups, and empty candy canes to protect the Pinata from direct sunlight.

Look for wands, pins, and any other decorations that will be used on the Pinata. Add these to the center of the Pinata, if possible. Also, add these on top of any parts of the Pinata that are still intact.

A Pinata Party is meant to be fun. Therefore, you must avoid fighting. Make sure that the friends and family who come to your party are not fighting. Instead, keep the peace and enjoy the party together.

Pinata Marshmallows

Before starting the party, begin making some pinata marshmallows. These can be found in the candy section of a grocery store, for about ten dollars. You can make as many as you want, depending on how many people you have come.

Pinata Party Snacks

Allow your guests to eat some party snacks. Your party snacks should be healthy and nutritious. Cakes are always a popular choice, as they are tasty and filling. Popular snack foods include apples, peanut butter, fruits, almonds, and canned fruits.

Fun And Amazing Ideas For Your Own Pinata Party
Fun And Amazing Ideas For Your Own Pinata Party

Once everyone has eaten, start planning for the party. The first thing to do is set up the pinata. This can be done by placing two cans of beer, candy, and a handful of toys and tools in the center of the pinata. Add some tinsel to hang the lid on.


Take a bucket and dump the toys and tools out of the pinata, and set them on the ground near the center of the Pinata. Make sure that these toys are safe for children.

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