First Birthday Games And Activities To Plan For Your Kids First Birthday Party

First Birthday Games

Generally, inviting people to a party is the easiest part. Yes, you’ve sent invitations to your one year old’s party. You’ve also decorated your venue according to your theme, and prepared the birthday cake and other refreshments. However, how do you entertain guests when they arrive? Guest lists will include both the young and the old, so you should plan various encompassing activities that will carry everybody along. We discuss some first birthday games and activities to have at your kid’s first birthday party.

Soft Play

As older kids and adults are engaging in various other activities, you shouldn’t leave the babies bored. Set up an area for soft play where babies can play and be safe. Use baby gates to demarcate an area with a soft mat placed at the center, then fill the area with foam balls and soft blocks. To keep the babies and toddlers entertained and engaged, leave them in the area to have fun and play with the balls and blocks.

Catching Bubbles

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Kids have lots of fun playing with bubbles. They really never outgrow the fun. Incorporate catching bubbles into the party to entertain the kids. Set-up a bubble pumping machine, hand out plastic cups to kids, and ask them to catch as many bubbles as they can. Younger kids who may not get the concept will have fun just playing with the bubbles. Where the bubble pumping machine is not available, you may ask the colder kids to blow the toner ones bubbles to catch.

Wagon Rides

Have a wagon decorated with suckers and balloons. Have a sign indicating the child celebrating just turned one on the wagon. Take the celebrant for a ride by pulling the wagon around the venue, amidst guests’ cheers and waves. After several rides, the wagon and a few others should be made available for other kids to ride in with the aid of older guests.

First Birthday Parade

Distribute musical instruments and toys among guests. Then lead the guests around the venue in a marching band style. Make your walking baby join the parade. If the baby can’t walk yet, you can carry the baby in the parade. Ut becomes easier if your party has a theme. The parade may also be themed, making it more fun and entertaining.

Cardboard Boxes

Place cardboard boxes around the room and allow the kids to have fun with them. Toys are ideal, but it really doesn’t matter what you place in the boxes, kids are still going to play with them. Kids may have fun crawling in and out of these boxes, or turning the boxes into other objects. If wrapping papers are made available, kids will have fun crumpling then into balls. You may also allow the kids express artistry by providing stickers to decorate the cardboard boxes.


It will be strange for guests to turn up at your kid’s first birthday party and not get entertained. To keep both young and old guests entertained, we discuss first birthday games and activities to plan for your kid’s first birthday party.

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