Drinking Games – A Few Popular Birthday Games For Drinking Parties

Drinking Birthday Games

There is nothing more fun than throwing a drinking game party and having a great time. While there are some things you should never do, there are some things you can make your guests do that will help make them feel like they are at home at a birthday party.

If you have children, they may not realize how much alcohol can affect them, but they will understand the risk when they have to drive home after a party. The best way to avoid this is by letting them know ahead of time that they can’t drive home from the party.

What to Avoid?

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Another thing that is usually frowned upon, games that are too dangerous for young people. For example, if you are throwing a party with alcohol, and one of the guests decides to have some scotch and starts playing the flute, the host must immediately throw the drink away to prevent any serious damage.

Games that involve using alcohol or dangerous substances should be avoided as much as possible. It is also important that games that involve gambling are avoided as much as possible as well. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to win something; it just means that it’s better to play with a friend instead.

Popular Drinking Games For Your Next Party

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One of the most popular games at a drinking party is “drinking games”. There are many different types of drinking games that are fun, and some are even educational. Most of these have been around for years, and while they may seem outdated in the modern world, many people still enjoy them to this day. If you are looking for a unique drinking game that is still fun, try “drinking trivia.”

You can’t really teach these types of drinking games, but the way they are played can give you an idea of how they can be fun. First, you and your guests will need to fill out a form. Then, everyone is given a glass. It is recommended that you get two glasses of the same size because you won’t know which glass is, and you may end up getting confused.

How to Start The Party?

Start off the game by asking the guests to name a person who is older than they are. When everyone has their glasses out, you all answer and give them a drink. Now, everyone guesses the age of the person whose glasses are placed last. And then the person gets a drink, and the person guesses the one who was last to drink.

After all of the information has been received, everyone will then take the last drink. And the winner of the game gets the prize, which is either a drink or a gift card.

Another type of game that people like to play at their parties is guessing games. These games are a lot more involved than most games at a drinking party, but they are fun to play.

The Hot Potato Game

One of the best games is the “hot potato” game, which involves trying to guess what the next person will say next.

The person who is the first to say the word wins. However, this game can get kind of tricky, so it is recommended that you have some other people waiting to play this game to keep everyone in line. Before beginning, you should talk to everyone about how many people you expect to have in the game. If the room is full, you can divide the people into two or three groups.

You all have to make sure that someone in each group will be in charge of saying the next person’s name, and they can’t be interrupted. Once the person who is the subject of the question has spoken, the person who said the next person must turn the bottle upside down and repeat it. If that person says the word, then the person turned over drinks and gets another drink. If they say the next word, the person turns it the right way up, then the next person drinks and gets another drink. Once everyone has drunk the number of drinks allotted, the third group turns to say the next word.


At the end of the game, everyone turns up and tells everyone else that they were the winner. You can tell the loser that he or she was the last one to say the word, and the winner will now have to drink as well. This is an entertaining drinking game, and there are many variations of it.

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