Amazing Birthday Games For Teenagers

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A party needs to have great music, food, dance and so on. But for every teenager, a birthday party is incomplete without fun and exciting games. If you have no idea what games you might want to play on your birthday with friends and family then do check out the below-mentioned games. These could be a good game option to try. All of these have pretty simple rules involved in them. So, do try out the following listed games for your birthday party. 

Guess That Tune 

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A simple yet fun game where a lot of music is played. This game is suitable when you have limited people. When everyone is in one place then one person has to play songs for a few seconds. Play anywhere from the middle or end it’s up to you. You can decide what songs you want to include in advance too. As the name suggests, you have to guess the song that has been played earlier. Finally, the one who gives the correct answer gets a point. You can keep a stunning price for the winner too.  

Play Medusa 

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You must be familiar with the Medusa from Greek mythology who used to turn people to stone with her gaze. This game is pretty much inspired by that. Instead of turning to practically impossible stones, the players will freeze in this game. First, all players need to make a circle by keeping their hands on each other’s shoulders. On the count of one to three each player has to look at some person. If the same person is looking at you then both players are out. They will be considered frozen as they scream while staring. In the end, only two players will be left who are also the winners. 

Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare has always been a popular and widely played game. No matter the occasion it’s best every time. The rules are easy as a person will decide whether he wants to tell the truth or complete a task in dare. Prepare questions or tasks in advance as it’s hard to think on the spot. It is a nice option when there are few people. 


If you are out of ideas for birthday games for your upcoming birthday or maybe a friend’s birthday then the above-mentioned games could be fun to try. These can be played when you have plenty of players as well as limited ones. They are suitable for any number of people. The rules are simple and you don’t need many arrangements for playing. Play guess that tune where you have to guess the song that has been played earlier. Play Medusa if there are many players to play. Finally, the game of Truth Or Dare is also a nice idea.

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