A Fun Way To Celebrate Mickeys Birthday

mickey mouse birthday party decorations

If you are having a child’s birthday party, then there is no way that you are not going to include Mickey Mouse in your party decorations. For your little boy’s birthday party, you should consider having the birthday banner made out of Mickey Mouse ears and tails. It will really be an enjoyable event for your boy if he sees his favorite Disney character all dressed up for his birthday. The best thing about this particular party theme is that the children can play dress up like their favorite Disney character for the duration of the party.

You can also get some birth certificate invitations printed up with the Mickey Mouse theme and enclose it inside a package. Then you can send these along with birthday cake and other birthday party games to the birthday child. This theme is great for a girl’s or boy’s birthday party, because a little girl will certainly love to have the birthday cake decorated with Cinderella’s Castle as her birthday cake.

Balloons And Crepe Paper

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You can add more of the Disney characters to the decorations by adding balloons and crepe paper. However, if you do not have the time to make the arrangements, then you can get a couple of decoration kits and make the decorations on your own. The best part of this theme is that you can add different colors to it as per the preference of the guest of honor. So get ready to set the party atmosphere with this wonderful theme.

One of the most common Mickey Mouse birthday party decorations that people like to put up are streamers in the various colors that depict the Mickey Mouse look. You can either hang them from the door to the ceiling or you can tie them with ribbons. If you want to add more color and vibrancy to the birthday kid’s room then you can hang up blue and white striped streamers from the ceiling. Make sure that you add a birthday banner with this theme on the walls for all the kids to see.

A Light Blue And White Floor

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Dressing the place up to look like the happiest place on earth will also be a great idea. A light blue and white floor can be put up and add lots of balloons and candles to add a magical touch. The best part of this theme is that you can even have a birthday cake for the party. Chocolate cake and ice cream sandwiches with this theme are great to serve to the guests at the party.

This can be done by having all the kids dressed up as their favorite Disney characters and inviting the guests to sit in chairs with an interest in where the mouse is sitting. Then you can play favorite Disney songs and dance to make the occasion really unique. You can also ask the guests to bring home their Disney pictures to decorate the room.

A Mickey Mouse Magnet

A really good idea is to go for a Mickey Mouse party favor that the kids can take home after the party. The best one so far that has been recommended is a Mickey Mouse magnet. These magnets are very easy to make using magnets and some paper. You can also get a bottle of spray paint and write the answers to a drawing that your child does for a prize inside it. 

The children can then proudly show off their drawing to everyone at the party and even make money by selling the drawings. Making your own Mickey Mouse birthday party decorations is a lot of fun. You will be able to personalize the party as you like. 


The kids will be sure to enjoy themselves and will love coming back to your house to celebrate your big day. It will be even better if you have the entire family there to help make the party special. Your party decorations will just come to life once you have selected the right Disney theme to fit the party theme.

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