9 Very Useful Backpacking Essentials That You Should Carry

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A backpacking trip is a fun experience. You get to meet new people, explore interesting places. It involves a lot of adventures and thrills. So comfort is a very important factor in a backpacking trip. Take help from the following list of backpacking essentials so that you can travel with ease.

A Backpack  

Take a backpack that can hold at least most of your essential items. It should be sturdy, portable, waterproof, padded, and should contain hip bands. It should also contain lots of pockets and a zip for the bigger compartment. Don’t forget to carry a daypack too. 

Packing Cubes

One of the most important backpacking essentials, packing cubes might take up some space but if you want your backpack to be organized then you should use them. Put your technical items, undergarments, and light t-shirts in these cubes. You can reach for the essential items easily without having to unpack all of it.

9 Very Useful Backpacking Essentials That You Should Carry
9 Very Useful Backpacking Essentials That You Should Carry

Dry Bags: Backpacking Essentials

A must-have backpacking essential dry bags are safety equipment where you can put all your important technical stuff like electronics, camera, gears to protect them from water. It will save you from a lot of trouble and worth buying. They are easy to carry and very light. 

First Aid Kits 

The first aid kit should include important medicines like paracetamol for pain relief, medications for diarrhea or Imodium, bandages and bandaids, cream and wipes that are antiseptic, steristrips, cortisone cream. Steristrips are sterile adhesive band-aids. 

9 Very Useful Backpacking Essentials That You Should Carry
9 Very Useful Backpacking Essentials That You Should Carry

Technical Stuff 

This category is a must-have among the backpacking essentials.  This includes good camera gear. You can also carry a small mirrorless camera depending on what you are intending to photograph. Carrying some memory cards is also a good idea. Take a light computer gear like the MacBook Pro or the iPad Pro and an external hard drive.

Miscellaneous Stuff

This category includes a power bank, a universal plug adapter because buying one at the airport can cost a huge sum of money, a Kindle if you are a fan of reading books on the go. Don’t forget to take a lock with a combination on your trip to keep your valuable items safe in your backpack. These backpacking essentials are very important.

Shoes: One Of The Most Important Backpacking Essentials

Shoes are an important part of the backpacking essentials. If your trip involves hiking, trekking or simply a lot of walking then carrying a pair of Snickers is very necessary. You should also carry a pair of walking shoes and flip flops. These shoes must be comfortable enough so that your feet can breathe during a hectic trip.

9 Very Useful Backpacking Essentials That You Should Carry
9 Very Useful Backpacking Essentials That You Should Carry

Personal Items   

 This category includes a toiletry bag with several pockets which can hold tampons, razors, hand sanitizers, sunscreen that has a high SPF, eco-friendly soap bar which can be used both as a soap for washing clothes and also as a shampoo, and tea tree oil for insect bites and minor cuts.

Small Knick-knacks: Backpacking Essentials

This includes earplugs, headlamp, sunglasses, water bottles ( not plastic,), snack items, sewing kit, guide book because of the non-availability of the internet in some places, and a notebook to record your thoughts or to note down some important points.

Without the above mentioned backpacking essentials, you may come across difficulties during your trip. So make sure you carry these essentials while packing your backpack.

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