6 Fantastic Birthday Party Food Ideas For Kids

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Kids are picky when it is about eating. And if you are the host of your kid’s party you might be confused about choosing the birthday party food ideas for kids. If you offer them some new snack, they might not like it as they are picky. Well, to help you out with this and make this party memorable for your kid and his friends, here is a list with plenty of birthday party food ideas for kids. Have a look.

Know About Birthday Party Food Ideas For Kids To Prepare At Home

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Hosting your kid’s birthday party is sometimes quite challenging. As you are not sure about the food choices of kids, it becomes quite difficult to make the right choice. But, this time make your party a wonderful experience for everyone with the help of these birthday party ideas for kids.

Bhel Puri

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Bhel Puri is a famous Indian dish that is very quick and easy to make. Everyone loves bhel puri no matter what their age is. What you need to do is prepare the mixture of bhel puri in advance and chopped veggies to prepare the tangy spicy chaat. Now, bhel puri is ready to serve and see the magic.

Mini Sandwiches

You can choose mini sandwiches instead of large sandwiches because they are quite easy to grab by the tiny hands of kids. You can offer them playful and fun shapes and fill them with cheese and kids will love that.

Fruit Salad

You can serve your guests a bowl full of fruits which is healthy and loved by everyone. It is an ideal option for food to serve at your kid’s party. Put a topping of fresh fruit cream to let the kids enjoy this nutritious birthday snack.

Mini Fried Idlis

A healthy and truly delightful option to serve at your kid’s birthday party is fried idlis. Idlis can easily replace fast foods and these are not unhealthy for kids but can somewhere affect your kid’s health.

Mini Aloo Tikkis

Mini Aloo Tikki is another tasteful snack that kids find delicious. You just need to complete some tasks that are to boil some potatoes, mash them and prepare small patties. Fry them shallow in a frying pan. Serve it by putting red sauce and chutneys with onions and a dash of coriander.

Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is the most favorite Indian food among kids. Prepare bhaji with seasonal vegetables and serve it with crunchy hot pavs. It is the most popular choice for birthday parties. The best thing about this dish is that you can make it as nutritious as you want it to be for your kids because you have the choice of veggies.


Birthdays are always special for both adults and kids. So make your kid’s birthday more exciting by using these birthday food ideas for kids. You can prepare these dishes at home and if required you can hire a caterer.

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