5 Last-Minute Easy to Make Birthday Party Snacks for Adults

birthday party snacks for adults

Birthday parties are absolute fun especially when you are an adult, everyone likes to enjoy this day by opening a bottle of wine or champagne and sharing drinks. There is something more in the main attraction of the celebration and that is definitely the snacks. We love a variety of snacks at birthday parties not only now but since we were kids. But are you confused about what dishes to prepare? Candies and cakes are pretty old-fashioned, adults would love to eat something much interesting and unique, so ditch the usual items and try these 5 birthday party snacks for adults which are not only easy to make but also prepared within the minimum time if you have a hurry.

Fruit Kebabs

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Fresh juicy colorful fruits never go out of style and if you prepare them with creativity then it will surely land you compliments, your guests will love it. Cut watermelons, mangoes, kiwi, pineapples, bananas, oranges, peaches, etc; you can also cut them in different shapes to make them look attractive. Take a kebab skewer and prick in some green and black grapes, then prick in other fruits and at the end some cherries; sprinkle some chat masala on top to add a spicy twist.


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What everyone craves after a birthday party meal is some sweet desserts and pudding is one of the easiest desserts to make. No matter how little time you have, you can quickly whisk some eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla together, bake for 20 minutes, and serve right away. Add some dark cocoa powder and melted chocolate to make chocolate pudding, or you can add some other flavors.

Potato cheese bites

Chips, burgers, nuggets are sure everyone’s favorite but don’t you want to prepare something unique that will make your friends lick their fingers? Potato cheese bites will be a steal at your party, they are super cheesy, crunchy outside, bite-sized, and appetizing. Peel and boil potatoes, grate them in a bowl, add salt & pepper, chopped coriander, and onions, mix them together and shape into bite-size balls, press a cheese cube in the middle and cover all sides, press gently, and dip in corn flour batter, coat with bread crumbs and finally fry them in oil till golden; serve along with tomato ketchup.

Egg Devil

This is a very unique snack item that will level up your birthday meals. Boil eggs and cut from the middle, mash some potatoes and mix with ginger garlic paste, and spices, add chopped cilantro, take each half eggs and cover them with the potato mixture forming into an egg shape, dip in thick corn flour batter, roll into breadcrumbs, then deep fry until golden; serve hot with ketchup, sprinkle some rock salt on top.

Spicy mixed noodles

If you are thinking about keeping a full dish on the table then try mixed noodles. Since pizza, burgers, fried chicken, etc are quite unusual items, spicy mixed noodles can be a good difference, it will also make you not worry about making dinner because you can eat it as a birthday dinner; when you are having your birthday party with a few close friends then must include this item. Add vegetables, mushrooms, schezwan sauce, soy sauce while cooking, and top with fried scrambled eggs.


Some other easy-to-make last-minute birthday party snacks are- cheesy nachos, swiss chocolate rolls, homemade butter popcorn, peanut butter & choco chip cookies, etc.

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