5 Delicious Snacks For Birthday Party Guests

snacks for birthday party

One way to encourage your child’s birthday guests to stick around is to offer some creative options. Here are some snacks for the birthday celebration that will not only keep your guests occupied for an hour or two, but which will also help to save you a bundle when you order in bulk:

If you have an Indian-themed birthday party caterers in India, offer to prepare snacks in Indian style. Most caterers will provide plates, cups, napkins, and utensils in Indian-inspired colors and patterns. While you may want to avoid ordering too much food to be sent home, this is a great opportunity to send your guests home with more than just Indian food. If you have prepared enough snacks in Indian style, your guests will never forget the cuisine and will be curious to find out how your snacks for the party were made! When ordering appetizers, ask if you can add a side of marinated chicken to the dishes you choose.

Stir-Fry, Dosas, Pachadi Basis And Even Curries

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Another great option for Indian themed birthday party snacks is to make or buy Indian inspired snacks for the party. Many Indian food retailers sell tasty snacks such as stir-fry, dosas, pachadi-basis, and even curries. If you don’t have a great selection in your local Indian grocery store, consider checking out an online Indian grocery store. These specialty stores offer a wider range of tasty foods, and they ship internationally from major Indian cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore.

When preparing snacks for your Indian birthday party food, remember to be creative with spices and flavors. Many Indian food retailers sell masala chai, which are a variety of dry-roasted beef that can be seasoned with cashews, clarified butter, and fresh herbs. Another great recipe from India is ‘Naan’, a delicious spicy rice dish. For an authentic recipe, you might want to visit an authentic Indian restaurant where you can get authentic masala from well-known Indian chefs. Some kids’ snack recipes use chicken or fish to make a ‘Pachadi’ – a delicious spicy and deep fried pastry. Pachadi is very popular for its use in many Pashmina Shawls (Indian flat bread) and is also commonly used in Indian dining rooms.


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Toppings are crucial when preparing snacks for a kid’s birthday. The traditional Indian birthday cake usually has fresh fruits or nuts on the cake, but many parents are adding carrot, banana, and coconut pieces to their child’s birthday cake to help make it more appealing to kids. If your child doesn’t like bananas, try something new such as mangoes, peaches, or kiwi.

For a sweet treat, you can use white chocolate chips instead of sugar or other additions to children’s birthday cake. If you’re not into nuts, you can just drizzle over some chocolate icing on your cake. There are so many choices when it comes to toppings and ingredients.

Masala Samosa

Many Indian snack recipes are based on masala samosa. This type of dish is made by combining curried items like vegetables, rice, and lentils, with spices like turmeric, red chili powder, and black pepper. Other Indian birthday party recipes include samosa, which is prepared using chickpeas that are cooked in a spicy and flavorful oil, along with Indian pickles, coriander leaves and mint leaf. Some Indian foods also use cashew nuts in their recipes, which make excellent snacks as well.

Most people love samosa, and it’s easy to prepare for a birthday party theme. Simply buy or make some thin disks of bread, and then place them on a plate or in a bowl. Then top with any toppings you’d like; add a little red chili powder or Cayenne pepper, or anything else you think your guests will like. You can drizzle on some red or green mango salsa as an extra special touch.

Final Words

Indian birthday cake is another popular choice. Because this dessert is so popular, and it is easy to prepare, you don’t have to be worried about ruining the theme. Just put a little icing on the top, and you’ve got an instant Indian birthday party dessert. Just remember that you want to keep your guests interested, and have enough toppings to go around for everyone.

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