Splendid Ideas For Surprise Birthday Invitations

Surprise Birthday Invitations

Surprise birthday invitations are as trendy as surprise marriage invitations. Someone you thought who would not get married gets married, and you receive a surprise invitation for their marriage. Likewise, someone you know very well but didn’t expect their birthday to come up gives you a surprise birthday invitation. Aren’t you excited? 

How about you send out surprise birthday invitations?

For your little munchkin, troublesome teenager, humble husband, or shy in-law to everybody in your vicinity, contact, or globe. But you have no idea how to frame it up. 

Here are some surprise birthday invitation ideas for your brainy brain and heart-warming heart:

  1. Little munchkin

Your little munchkin turned one/two/three this year, and so here are ways you can send out surprise birthday invitations to your family, friends, and loved ones. 

  • Our little munchkin is turning three! Join us with your beautiful family.
  • Come and bless our little Arnold as he turns seven this year. 
  • Join us for a BBQ on our little princess Arnita’s birthday. She is turning into seven (7) wonders of the world. 
  • To celebrate the best 12 months of our lives, come and visit us for the little one’s birthday. 
  • Come and pay a visit to our little troublemaker’s 9th birthday celebration.

2.Troublesome teenager

A vase of flowers on a table

Let’s jump straight to the invites!

  • I cleared high school. Let’s have a blast on my 15th birthday!
  • I am turning sweet 16! Come to shower your blessings as I learn how to drive!
  • I am turning stable 17 this year. One year to go to vote! Let’s celebrate that at my den.
  • Join me for my 18th birthday as we all need some gluten from time to time.
  • Let’s celebrate the last teenage year (19th birthday) of my life. Come and bless me for the adulthood ahead!

3.Humble husband


Here are some sample surprise birthday invitations:

  • My husband is aging like a fine glass of wine. Join us for his 30th birthday.
  • Hubby turns 45 tomorrow and yet is as funny as he was when 30. Come and let’s hear his funny jokes. 
  • Woohoo- my hush- husband turns 40-oh. No, we are not growing old! Let’s act like crazy 30-year-olds!
  • My better half is 29 and looking sane. Let’s celebrate before a mid-life crisis hits us!
  • Come and join us for the 35th birthday of my dear beloved husband.  Spoilers: there is no need to act your age! 

4. Shy in-law

Are you waiting for reliable surprise birthday invitations here? Then, hang onto your seat and keep on reading!

  • Cheers to surviving 60 years of toil. My Pop-in-law aged to perfection. Bless him with an abundance of happiness. 
  • Life’s just getting started for my Mom-in-law as she turns 55 today. Let’s hear her stories of love, happiness, and comfortable 55 years. 
  • Let’s toast to the 75th birthday of Betty. Here’s to nailing life!
  • Eat, drink, and play golf. Our Brad turns 70 today. Who wants to play some golf? 


We hope you enjoyed glancing through the surprise birthday invitations. Enjoy the day!

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