3 Best Birthday Games You Need To Know Today

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Birthdays are a time of merriment and there are many ways in which you can be happy. Best birthday games are very funny and there are many innovative games that you can play on your birthday. If you are throwing a birthday party for your kids, having keen knowledge on the best birthday games will help them have a good time. These games are not just for birthdays, you can also play these during any festival. Festivals call for a get together with family and friends, hence these games are important to ensure that everyone is having a good time.

The Treasure Hunt Game

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This is one of the most funny birthday games that you can play without much hustle. You just need to buy gifts for the birthday boy or girl and hide them all throughout the house. The birthday boy or girl will be given the right to search for gifts till they find all of them. This is a very funny game and is applicable for kids too. You can customize the game and add in extra effects, like playing clapping sounds whenever anyone traces a gift out. This is indeed very funny because children will become very happy being able to give themselves gifts by searching for it.

The Three-Legged Race

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This is one of the best birthday games that you can incorporate while planning a birthday for your kids. Adults can also play this game and this will definitely lighten the mood of everyone. Birthdays are meant to spend some quality time with closed ones and moreover, it is your chance of feeling happy about yourself. This game will bring in the memories of childhood, thereby making you nostalgic, as well as happy. If you have a big space like a garden or a big play area, you can divide the party members into groups, giving each one a partner. One leg of each member will be tied to one leg of their partner and they will have to run near a particular destination with three legs. This is indeed very funny as they need proper team spirit and dedication to win this game.


Charades is a game that might be very nostalgic because we all might have played this game and loved it dearly too. It will bring back a lot of memories with your friends and you can also recreate those memories by playing it on your present birthday. If you are planning to spend your birthday with your very close friends, you can play charades. The representation of a character from a movie, book, song, etc. just by gestures will improvise their acting skills. It will also define the kind of bond and understanding you share with your friend who understands your gestures.


These are some of the best birthday games that you can play on your birthday. If you are throwing a party, ensure to include these to add on to the adventure and fun.

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