21 Birthday Games – More Tips And Fun For The Big Day

21 Birthday Games

Your 21st birthday is a huge event in your life. It is most important that guests who are invited to your party or event should be happy spending time at your birthday as well as they should be equally entertained, so here is the best solution to satisfy the guests attending your birthday, always conduct birthday games which balance the harmony as well as the joy, games are enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age groups. Here are a few birthday games you can conduct on your birthday.

Mind Games

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Who Am I?- in this game, there will be two teams. One team should discuss a name of a thing, animal, or a movie and select a person from the opposite team and tell that person the name they have discussed, and now that person should sketch the name the person was told, and the opposite team should guess the name right.

Truth or Dare- This is the most famous among birthday games which reveal many secrets hidden, this game you should play individually, a maximum of 10 members can play together. In this game, a bottle is placed in the center and is rotated when the bottle will halt. The top of the bottle points to you. You should opt for truth or dare. Now other people can ask you any question or give any task to do. This game is even collaboration with ever have you never? have you ever ?.

“No” Game- This is the funniest of all birthday games that everyone enjoys. There can be many people in this game but are played individually. In this game, you will be posed with different questions by many people, and then you should only answer “no” for every question.

Die Side- Ten members can play this game. In this game, a list of tasks is written for every specific side of a die. Die is taken and rolled by every individual and after they die is at rest, the top facing side of the die decides the task to be given.

Celebrity Game- In this game, celebrity names will be written in the slip and put in a bowl, you should come and pick a slip and enact the celebrity in the slip, and all the other guests should guess the name. This is continued by all the guests.

Vocal Birthday Games

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Guess the Tune- This is one among fun generating birthday games. In this game, movie songs are written in slips, folded, and put in a bowl. You should pick up a slip and describe the song tune in words, and guests should guess the tune.

Stand to Sing- In this game, you will pick up a random person to sing for you like the birthday kid.

Conference- In this game, you will be standing on the dais, and the guests can pose any questions or confessions, and in this game, you have to speak out for every question, at last, you can choose another person to take the conference place.

Challenging Birthday Games

Cucumber on Face- This is most interesting from other birthday games. In this game, you are supposed to place a piece of cucumber on your forehead, and you should move the cucumber all along your face and finally eat. Who eats it fast is the winner.

Blow the Ball- In this game, you should blow a lightweight ball that floats on water, from the first cup of water till the last cup of water using a straw. Who completes it first is the winner.

Fix the Pyramid- These kinds of birthday games are called “shapes” . You should arrange the plastic cups in a pyramid shape, and who does it in less time is the winner.


Always being surrounded by people with happiness and joy is a blessing, to make your birthday more precious and the best moment in life invite as many guests as you can and conduct games which blossom their heart and soul, blessing reflects you with their laughs. Give your 21st birthday a heavenly touch with birthday games.

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