1st Birthday Decorations Boy – Ideas You Wish You Knew Earlier

1st birthday decorations boy

For new parents, the first year is an emotional roller coaster. Monster party, astronaut birthday, choo-choo train, Winnie the pooh, blue teddy bear, suit and tie, and travel theme are just a few ideas to get you in the mood and help you make a decision. The first birthday for every baby is fun. That is why it is called ‘One is Fun’! This article will give the readers a few interesting ideas to make a baby boy’s first birthday special.

1st Birthday Decorations Boy – First Birthday Decoration Ideas

a ice cream cake

For the first birthday, not all guardians arrange a gathering. Some favor a small social affair, and others stick to a raving party with a delicious cake followed by a photoshoot.

Listed below are a few themes or ideas that will make your baby boy’s birthday a truly special one.

Monster Theme: Settle on charming characters and dress the table in finished texture — use bunches of googly eyes, noses, and mouths to shape the beasts. Possibly take a stab at making cake pops — these are not difficult to do, and kids love them.

Astronaut Theme: Decorate the area with standard and star-formed inflatables — remember about the moon. Pick dull blues, whites, greys, and silvers, then, at that point a fly of orange to address Mars.

King’s Theme: Enhancements like flags with crowns, inflatables, and pastries. Take a stab at differentiating the tones white and gold — you could generally utilize some green plants to look like Caesar’s castle.

Moustache Theme: Assuming you need some adorable and clever photographs, a mustache theme gathering is extraordinary. Make mustache patterns for your little one and visitors. Concerning shadings and tones, you can utilize blue tones and white.

1st Birthday Decorations Boy –  More Themes

a cream cake

The Wild Theme: toddlers are difficult to tame, and a 1-year-old is practically unstoppable, so a Wild theme can be admirable. This is also a good idea if you wish to keep the celebration small — adorn with balloons and maybe toy dinosaurs with party caps. Pick a basic cake for your little one to crunch on while you get your photographs!

The Teddy Theme: Set up a giant teddy bear on a back wall — stick balloons around the hands of the teddy so it looks as though the bear is taking off. This theme is adorable — there is no use of well-known characters, which makes it remarkable. Keep it basic and use blossoms for a delicate touch.

The Suit and Tie Theme: For something somewhat more tasteful, go for a classy suit and tie theme. Dress your little man up in fine garments, even a tux, and trimming the region with dark, silver, and gold balloons.


You might also want to consider every element that the boy likes and customize the party and theme according to his liking. If you are throwing a party for your friends children, any why don’t you consult the parents for the customization. The above few ideas will surely make your little man’s number one, too much fun!

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